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Thread: Caprice

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    Felicity met a baby named Caprice to day. What do you think?
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    I think 'no'. It reminds me of Capri pants, Capricorns, and Capri-Sun. On top of that, to be called capricious is far from a compliment. I hands down prefer it's opposite, Constance.
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    Caprice! Did she have a brother named Mercury?

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    Not my style, even when trying to think of music rather than Capri pants or cars. Today in the park my Felicity met a little girl called Marley, I do prefer Caprice to Marley.
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    That's a word name, no? And the definition isn't positive.

    Usually a name's original meaning doesn't dictate my opinion of it - my love of the Shakespeare heroine, the sound, and the heritage override any negative opinion I might have had toward 'Portia' just because it means 'pig' (besides, pigs are sweet and intelligent!), same goes for Cecilia which means 'blind,' and I think Mary can mean 'sea of bitterness,' but when you're dealing with word names it's a different story, and the meaning should be unequivocally positive, imo. I hear Caprice and I think of someone who's fickle/arbitrary.

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