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    Opinions on the name Eliana?

    Really liking this name. I think it would be a wonderful way to honor my mother. Her name is Anabela. I'm not really a fan of using Anabela as a first name though, as I think it sounds a bit dated so why not use a variation

    A few questions..

    Would you pronounce it EL-E-AH-NAH or EL-E-ANNA? I prefer the first.
    Does this name make you think of a Spanish girl? I'm not Spanish, it was just my first thought when I saw it.
    Do you like the mn Brooke paired with it? Personally I think Eliana Brooke flows beautifully. What do ya'll think? Also, would love some more middle name suggestions

    Just for fun:What name would you give Eliana's twin sister?

    Excited to hear all your responses!

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    I love Eliana! Very sweet sound without being overly frilly. And with the nn Ellie as a possibility, I can picture it working with many different personalities. I agree with you that El-e-ah-nah is a nicer pronunciation and I think it flows naturally from the spelling as well.
    I don't think of a hispanic girl at all when I see the name, I think it works for all different ethnicities.
    And yes, Eliana Brooke flows very nicely! Some other ideas:
    Eliana Pearl
    Eliana Violet
    Eliana Mae
    Eliana Camille
    Eliana Shay

    And for a twin sister? Hmmm..
    Eliana & Lennae
    Eliana & Felicity
    Eliana & Delaney
    Eliana & Adelaide
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    Eliana is pretty, but it is not my style. I like Mae, Violet, Camille, and Adelaide from your other names.

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    I love it and it is on my list. I also pronounce it El-e-ah-nah. I like the nn options of Ellie or Elia.

    I am not a fan of Eliana Brooke, or Brooke at all for that matter. I do like the mn combos suggested by the first poster.

    If you like it paired with a one syllable, less frilly name, I like Eliana Paige more than Eliana Brooke.
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    There's an Eliana who lives across the street for me back home--she pronounces it Ellie-ah-na. Her sister's name is Johanna, which is a bit matchy but still nice. I really like the name.
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