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    Question Baby Name Opinions Please !

    Hi Everyone,

    We are looking for some baby name opinions:

    DS will be here on Monday, and we have had lots of trouble deciding on a name for him. Finally we have agreed on Kael Andrew, but would like to know if people associate the name Kael to the vegetable Kale or are we just overthinking this ?

    Your opinion on this would be great. Thank You !

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    With a K, yes it does skew a little vegetableish.
    I like it with a C - Cael (the Irish spelling) or Cale. This way, I think of John Cale before I think kale.

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    karacavazos Guest
    Yes, it does come to mind since Kael and Kale are pronounced the same. (Although, at first I was playing around and read it as Kai-ell, like the Spanish Gael, and I have to say I like that better.) Good luck!

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    fiammetta Guest
    Being a vegetarian, I certainly do associate Kael with the vegetable as I pronounce it the same. I asked some friends and family of mine just for the sake of it, and not one of them associated it with the vegetable, a few didn't even know there was a vegetable called kale! So I think it really depends on the person.

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    I associate Kael with the veggie, too. I like the sound of the name quite a bit, but I couldn't use it because I could never get kale out of my mind. Like another person said, however, I really think it does depend on the person. Many people don't eat kale, so it's off their radar. It's a food I eat almost daily, but I am probably not your average American with your average American diet.

    I'd say, if it's a name you've wanted to use, then go for it. Your DS is arriving soon, and I'd hate for you to second guess yourself on a name you've finally been able to decide upon.
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