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Thread: Could It Be?

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    I'm not sure but I think period-like bleeding is pretty common. It is happened to a few friends of mine as well as my sister.
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    I had a "period" when I was pregnant with my 2nd baby. I didn't want to trick myself into thinking I was pregnant so I waited until my next period was late to test, by then I was already 8 weeks! There's no harm in doing a test, except if it's negative you will probably feel disappointed.

    Most women don't get pregnancy symptoms until a few days before their missed period, but with my first pregnancy and this one I had morning sickness from 5 days post ovulation!
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    I guess I started having symptoms about a week after ovulation? Maybe a little bit more, like 10 days?
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    I am currently almost 11 weeks pregnant - and I had a period at week 4. It was much lighter than usual but it was there. And then it stopped - and a week later I spotted up until a couple of days ago. If I hadn't been educated enough to know that could happen during pregnancy, I could have easily gone about my life as not-preggo. But when I got the light period, which was very unusual for me, I went and tested anyway, just in case. And it was positive! So you never know! It's always better to test and find out for sure - go pick up those dollar store tests or go to Wal Mart and get 3 tests for $12. Good luck!

    ETA: And make sure you test first thing in the morning, with your very first trip to the bathroom! When it is so early, it's easy to get a false negative, especially if you don't test first thing in the a.m.. Drinking a bunch of liquids, testing later in the day, can all vary the results.

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    I had sore boobs and just a general slightly off feeling maybe 10-12 days after ovulation? Definitely not right away though.
    I've heard so much variation on bleeding...for me it wasn't even enough to call spotting, very very light and only lasted a couple hours.

    I'd recommend buying a big pack of cheap tests to have on hand so you aren't stressing over it. If you did get pregnant last month, a test would be quite accurate at this point.
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