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    Is it just "too much"?

    I'm trying really hard to put together a list of names that I really like for our future baby boy. I have always liked the name Emmett, but I am unfortunately aware of the Twilight connection. For the record, I don't think that any of the names by themselves should be avoided only because they appeared in this series of books/ movies. BUT our last name is also one of the main characters of the family. So I'm thinking that unfortunately it would be too much, especially for my husband who big time hates these books. We have only been asked one time about the connection so far, and he was not pleased. But I'm thinking if we used the name Emmett we would be dealing with the questions all the time. Do you think I should cross it off my list?

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    If your surname is Cullen, or Swan, then I'd avoid Emmett sadly.

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    It's not. It's the first name of one of the other members of the main family.

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    The only people who will know what twilight is in 10-15 years is our generations and the kids who are Tweens right now. The books/movies are not going to become classics that's for sure. All the kids your son grows up with will never know, but one or two teachers might put the connection together. It is your choice, but I would cross it off because your husband seems very opposed to it. I'm sure you will find another name you love.

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    Twilight is nowhere as big as you make it out to be — and it's popularity will keep fading. In addition, all the characters' names (except Renesmée) are pretty normal and the average person wouldn't associate them with the series at all.

    If you like Emmett, go for it.
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