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    One sibling's mn sounding similar to a second sibling's fn?

    I've found out that I'm expecting my second child, and when DH and I talked about names I found out that he actually really likes the name Rory for a boy, as do I. We call our daughter Bea most of the time, and I think Rory and Bea sounds adorable. But my only problem was that Rory sounds very similar to Bea's middle name, which is Rowan. Do you think there's a problem with this, or is it fine?
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    I think its fine. It would be his first name and her middle name. It would be more of an issue if your children were always called Rory and Rowan.

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    I don't think it is an issue either. I love both names- Rory and Rowan and I think Rory and Bea sound great together! Congratulations!

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    No problem IMO! Now if Rowan were her first name I'd think about it more (plus you'd have confusion as to who was the boy and girl).

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