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    Actually, I kinda like that name. Hildegarde is pretty and strong, but definitely a difficult name. It'll be great for the right girl, but awful to others. So putting it in the middle would be safer.

    ps: I like the nn Hilda though.
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    I have a strange love for names like these. Clotilde, Brunhilde, Adalheidis, Berengaria, Swanhilda and yes, Hildegarde, oh how I love you darling clunky old Germanic names. But I don't think our daughters would appreciate them very much, unless they're a fierce strange little creature. If the love of the name runs deep, use it in the middle.

    Personally, if my name was Hildegarde, I'd strap my sword around my waist, put my hair in braids, and run gleefully through the streets with a battle cry; shortly before I was arrested of course.
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    I can see why you like it, but in all honesty, unless you know your daughter is going to be a supreme beauty at every stage in her life (especially those teenage years) I would not use it. I know this is awful to say, but there are some names you need to be a knock out to wear.
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    I would hate to be named Hildegard so I would not inflict it on a child. If I wanted to use it as an honor name, it would definitely be a mn.
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    I remember reading book where the main character was called Hildy, later on it turned out her full name was Hildegarde, I thought it was interesting and I kind of like it.

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