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    Quirky names needed to flesh out my list

    I don't really know what my naming style is...and I know most other 'Berries consider it a sin, but I tend to pick names based on sound and feel and the image of the kid it creates in my head, rather than choosing it based on a meaning or something.

    I tend to dislike girl names that end in lyn/dyn/syn/tyn, ie/y, ana, lee/leigh/ley. People keep suggesting Beatrice and it's growing on me, but it isn't quite my style, although I do adore the nickname Bea. I'm not really into word-names either.

    The name I most love right now is Artemis. It isn't the meaning or the Greek goddess theme, it's mostly just the fact that I can picture a spunky little girl with wild curls who enjoys reading and wins the science fair and is quirky and nerdy but not bullied or horribly awkward. Essentially, if I can picture the name on my dream child it works for me (and yes, I realize that the odds of my kid turning out like that, but it's my name selecting process).

    I like the names Rose and Eliza, and I can see them fitting the dream child, but they lack that offbeat quirkiness of Artemis.

    If anyone has suggestions that fit along those lines, I'd love to hear them!
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    Primrose - I adore this name, it's my favourite so far, but I'm yet to convince my husband. I love the idea of shortening it to Posie too.

    Prudence - I think this is clunky, quirky cool, and the nn Pru is sweet.

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    Zelda was the first name I thought of when I read your description. Others are Clementine, Giselle, Saskia and Xanthe.
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    I love Eliza and Beatrice, and Artemis is really cool...I just know that I would NEVER be brave enough to use it. And I'd have to agree with you about most hated name endings. So, from your very limited list of examples, I'm going to assume we have a similar style - undefined, quirky classics perhaps?

    Here are some ideas for you:

    Any of those suit you?

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