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  • Sloane Ellen

    3 3.37%
  • Lillian Ellen

    12 13.48%
  • Olive Ellen

    24 26.97%
  • Vera Ellen

    30 33.71%
  • Ryli Ellen

    2 2.25%
  • Nyla Ellen

    5 5.62%
  • Naomi Ellen

    53 59.55%
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    It's a girl! But...trouble with mandatory middle :( Opinions please!!

    While our boy list was sewn up long ago, a girl is so much harder since we are mandated to use the mn Ellen (I know nothing is mandatory, but it is. You know how the whole family tradition thing goes). While I like all the names on our list, I find some of them slightly awkward with Ellen. However, we are leaning towards the school of thought that we don't care too much how well they flow, as long as we love the first name. How many people really know/use your middle name anyway, right? We'd love your opinions, thanks!!

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    Meaning trumps flow in my book. I wouldn't let it affect which first name you use. If you really love one name in particular, you should use it, even if it doesn't flow well with Ellen.
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    I think the first-name/surname flow is much more important than the first/middle one.

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    I agree, especially since Ellen has so much significance for your family.

    Incidentally I think a great many names would sound fine with Ellen. Any three+ syllable first name, especially one with a lot of vowel sounds, would work well (except the ones that end with A, as that blurs a bit).

    Totally random selection from lots of styles:

    Adelaide Ellen
    Beatrice Ellen
    Cassidy Ellen
    Dorothy Ellen
    Flannery Ellen
    Genevieve Ellen
    Indigo Ellen
    Juniper Ellen
    Juliet Ellen
    Marjorie Ellen
    Meredith Ellen
    Rosamund Ellen
    Serenity Ellen
    Valerie Ellen
    Waverly Ellen
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    Naomi Ellen is gorgeous!
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