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    Very interesting baby names 1845-1860

    So my mother is really into all of that stuff and she was researching a family tree for a friend of my brothers and she came across a very interestingly named family so I though I'd share with my fellow berries.

    U.S by the way.

    Rosenblum Alonzo
    Pocahontas Aholabama
    Comparacia Aramenta
    Lycurgus Luther "Curg"
    Eugene Ezekiel
    Julius Ferdinand
    Robert Bruce
    Patience Victoria
    Early Devotion Rose

    Crazy right!? My mother and I have determined that the mother of these children was very well-read. Wouldn't you agree?

    Ah, and another interesting name from my great great great grandmother, Icefena. Pronounced ice-uh-fee-na. Her name was spelled all sorts of ways on censuses. Isephina is probably my favorite aesthetically, though.
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