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    Names for our second!

    We have one daughter (Eva Linn after both grandmothers) and are stuck on names for a second - feedback please!! We don't know if it is a boy or a girl! We have some ideas but are open to others !

    Some unisex names we like (not sure on middle names yet - joshua for a boy):


    Girls: (no middle names selected yet)
    Cecilia (CeCe)
    Logan (nickname Lola)

    Peter Joshua (after a grandfather Peter)
    Alexander Joshua
    Caleb Joshua
    Cameron Joshua
    Cooper Joshua
    Logan Peter
    Lucas Peter

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    Peronally, I think that with a decidedly feminine name on your first girl, a unisex name on a second girl will lead to confusion. If I heard siblings Eva and Logan, or Eva and Reese, I would automatically think that the second child was a boy. Now, if they were introduced as Eva and Lola, then it would be a sure bet that they were both girls. What about Eva and Lauren? You could still get Lola from Lauren, and it is not too frilly or fancy. Eva and Lucy? Eva and Lark? Eva and Louise?

    Just my opinion of course.
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    I agree with mrstoon that a unisex name would be confusing since your daughter has a feminine name, that being said you have quite a few really awesome names on your list!
    I think that Eva and Cecilia (CeCe) are beautiful together! If you have a boy I prefer Alexander, Lucas, or Cooper with Eva.

    Good luck deciding on a name!

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    I agree with the others about the unisex name confusion..

    I really like Eva and Charlotte the best, I think they're beautiful together!

    For boys I like Lucas Peter
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    I too agree with the unisex name confusion. I think Alexander Joshua sounds great, as well as the rest f boys names. My favorite from your girls names to match Eva would be Riley, with the middle name either Anne, Jane, Maria, Sophia or Kate. Congrats
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