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    I think so too. The problem was that we were wanting to call her Adeliah and Addie for short. Some of the previous posters had a hard time with the name Adeliah not actually appearing in the name and also not being a first name.

    What about Adeliah Lydia Jane Cotton? It just isn't as pretty to me as the first name we came up with...

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    So you don't think those names would be too long combined with our last name? That is what I want to do, and they do that in England more. I am having a lot of people including family feeling the name is way to long.... with two middle names.

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    I don't mind two middle names, but I think that Lydia and Olivia together is a no-go - just too rhymey.

    I like Adelia Katherine Lydia!

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    Lydia & Adalia are both really close to Olivia... you don't like any other names that don't end in an "ia", at least for the name you call her?
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    Lydia & Olivia/Livia are too close. Adelia and Olivia are also close but not as bad. (Adelia is my favorite and I'm not a fan of Lydia).

    If I were you, I would just use Adele and call her Addie or Adelia as a cutesy nickname (even though its longer than the given name, it could still work. No different than Jane nn Janie, etc.) Adele Lydia Cotton. Simple and pretty.

    Or perhaps Adelia Lydie Cotton (French version of Lydia). Adelia Katherine Lydie Cotton is really cute too. It still honors Lydia and sounds nearly the same, just minus the final "ah/uh" sound. I don't think 2 middle names is too long, your last name is short anyway (assuming Cotton is indeed your last name, hehe).

    I hope you find a solution! GL!
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