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    Still working on this name... is it better? Worse? Suggestions....little overwhelmed

    We have been working on this name for almost 8 months now and its been a little frustrating. I thought we came up with a perfect name but we had a name berries thumbs down from most.

    Lydia is a name that is a family name that I want to use to honor my grandmother.It is rising fast in popularity here even though we really like the name. Its also close to Livia, the name we call one of our daughters Olivia. So we want it in the name but not to use it.
    Adalia / Adeliah is a name I love and is more unusual. I want to use both Lydia and Adalia but they don't seem to work very well together. Our plan was to call her Adalia/Adeliah or Addie for short.
    We do not mind double middle names as some on here do. Anyway the names our in first comment box...Thanks for your help or any suggestions.

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