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    We are expecting a babe in early September. I received some really great suggestions on an earlier post. Now I have a more refined list.

    A little background: We have two daughters, Cora Adelaide and Vesper Irene, and one angel baby, Sebastian. We didn't plan on it, but nicknames have become integral to our family dynamic. C often goes by Belle at home, short for Corabelle, and V goes by Pip or Pippa. She is just such a Pip! Each of the girls names includes one Saint (Adelaide, Irene, also Sebastian), and at least one strong literary reference (Cora, Last of the Mohicans; Vesper, Casino Royale; Irene, Sherlock Holmes).

    We are looking for a name that suits. We would like one name to reference a Saint, Roman or Orthodox. If we can find a literary reference, too, well that would just be gravy. Nickname potential is helpful, but I know these things tend to evolve organically.

    We like vintage-y names and are drawn to those of English/German, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Welsh and Scandinavian origin. For boys we tend to like softer, more vowel heavy names.

    Here's our short list:
    Peregrin nn Perin - my favorite today, and includes a literary reference, saint
    Elias nn Eli - This name has a long history with us, but we just aren't "feelin' it" right now, saint
    Emrys - we like Ambrose, but find it a bit unwieldy, saint
    Illya - half hearted literary reference

    Other names under consideration:
    Caspian - literary
    Elwin - Big literary win
    Papa Owlett loves Aubrey, but 2011 top 10 for girls makes me uncomfortable
    I love Meredith, Papa Owlett says NO WAY!

    Thoughts? Considerations? Other Suggestions?

    A big thank you, as always, to the helpful community here!
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