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    Talking The backup list

    Hi berries! So I have my top two names pretty much set in stone:

    Elisabeth Kate/Cate "Elise"
    Cassandra Vivienne "Cassie"

    However, the list after that is a little crazy. I'm not really quite sure what I like and what I don't and what works well with Cassie and Elise. So, I would love opinions on my list below the top 2!

    Mackinley (Yes, I know it's trendy) nn would be Kinzie
    Rosalie "Lia"
    Anneliese "Annie"
    Catalina "Cate"
    Elena "Lena"
    Abbigail "Abbie"

    So, what do you like/dislike? What works well with Elisabeth nn Elise and Cassandra nn Cassie for a sibset?

    I don't know if this helps, but buys top 3 is Adam Carson, William Anthony, and Camden Bennett.

    Current Favorites:
    { Charlotte :: Alice :: Adelyn :: Nora}
    { Jack :: Leo :: Elliot }

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