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    Renrose, if spell check changed a friends name to Anus i could definitly see all my friends calling that person Anus from then on lol
    Yeah, lol. Most of her friends are boys so naturally they found that hilarious

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    Definitely! When I was younger I had a hard time pronouncing J's. My brother's name is Josh, so I ended up calling him Wash or Washy.

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    I get called Danda because my younger brother couldn't pronounce Amanda. The best one though? My cousin's name is Courtney. This same brother had a hard time pronouncing names, I guess - and he called her "Doo doo!" Weird, right? It was hilarious, though. If we said, "Say Courtney!" He'd say, "Doo doo!" without missing a beat! He called our other brother "Bra bra", even though his name is Austin. Any other boy who wasn't Austin was called "Bree bree". Hahaha.

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    I was called Yaya by my little sister for years and several family members took to calling me Yaya as well. Also, my sister Elizabeth came to be called Lee which I doubt my parents had in mind, she said Lee-lee instead of Lizzy so she became Lee-lee and later Lee. She is still called Lee today, even by new friends!

    My parents never seemed to mind either way if people called us by Yaya or Lee...and of course they called us that ourselves.

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    My brothers couldn't say Casi when they were little, so somehow I became Cakie. They called me that for probably the first 6-7 years of their lives. Lol. Now that we are grown, they only say Cakie when they want something. My mom would use it, but none of the family really would. Who latched onto it were my friends. They then "Cakied" their name :

    Jessie became Jeskie
    Destiny became Deskiny
    Sarah became Sarkies.

    Every now and then we bust it out for memory sake

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