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    Unable to commit..

    What makes you love a name and commit to it? I will love names, put them together and once my Husband and I agree on one and I start using it for my baby girl, I don't like it anymore. I'm about ready to just stop looking or just let my Husband pick cause I feel so indecisive over it all. I just don't know how I will know which name is "the one".

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    I can really relate to how you are feeling, it takes forever to even find one you both like and then you almost feel obliged to hold onto it almost, then i just realise it doesn't sound right... or maybe it isn't right.... It is super difficult. I am just thinking so far I haven't found the right one. But it is drving me insane, all i do in spare time is look at name lists and obsess over it :/ even dream about it. I try and leave it alone and not worry or think about it , but i only have 8 weeks left, if she goes full term. And it makes me feel anxious she may come and I would still be clueless. x

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    Maybe it's because you haven't met your little one yet. Yes, you know her and can feel her, but you haven't truly seen her and looked into her eyes and felt her in your ams.

    Just because a name is agreed upon doesn't mean it's really her name.

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