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Thread: Lilia?

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    I love nature names, always have always will but it's hard to find one that's not over used or that doesn't sound too "out there" or hippy-ish. I have Dahlia near the top of my list as an example.
    ANYWAY. My friend suggested Lilia (LILY-uh) last weekend and the name has been resonating in my head since then. What do you think? It's close enough to Lily to bring the flower (one of my favorites) to mind, but is it too close that it will get lost in a sea of Lily/Leila/Lillians? Its pretty, but is it boring? And has the nature aspect of the name gotten lost?

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    Ahh, I love Lilia! Lily names have a lot of significance for me, and I'm always flipflopping on which I like best. But Lilia has these ethereal feel to it, like it's distinct and separate from all the other Lily names. I would love to meet a Lilia!
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    Thanks, I mentioned it to my brother also and he approved, which is saying something seeing as he's been pretty harsh with my name proposals so far. I've never met a Lilia either so I think it's worthy enough to put on my list... Though I don't know if it will surpass Dahlia or not.

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    It's pretty. Simple, easy to say and like you said- an easy way to Lily. I kind of prefer many other nature names over this one, and even Liliosa or Lila. But, double L names are very hip right now.

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    In theory I love the name Lilia, I agree with previous poster about it having an ethereal feel to it. I don't think it will get lost amongst the other Lily's out there, yet it's similar enough to suit the super popular double L names at the moment. However, when I say the name it doesn't roll easy for me, like I haven't quit finished saying the name? I'm not sure how to explain it properly... It is still currently on my short list for baby no. 3 though! It's so beautiful!

    I have a major soft spot for Lily, Lilac & Lilia
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