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    Guys - I need encouragement. I started this pregnancy about 20 pounds overweight and have held my weight gain so far to 15 pounds. But I am starting to lose control. I ordered a milk shake today. With the whipped cream. I still have 6 weeks to go and don't want to blow it. I'm scared enough about labor because I was out of shape for my last one and that hasn't gotten any better this time. Anyone else struggling with eating? Terrified of labor?
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    @mjc - You're doing great! I believe the recommended weight gain if you start out overweight is 15-25 lbs. Even if you gain a lb/week from here on out you're still ok, and most women level off at around 37 weeks. I started off about 20lbs overweight as well and I've gained 15 so far. I'm actually the same weight I was at at the end of my 2nd pregnancy and I was much skinnier back then. As for labor, you done this 4 times before, you're a champ! To be completely honest, I am always afraid of labor myself. For me, I'm not so much afraid of pain (I'm an epidural girl) or that I won't be able to do it (I'm really not afraid of c-section either), but I am afraid of that little chance that I could die. I know that it seems silly these days, but that's how I feel. I always wonder if I will really make it through the big day with a healthy strong baby.

    @Mcolson - My official due date is November 21st. For my other deliveries, i've been 1,3, and 6 days late. According to ultrasounds, my due date is either the 24th or 25th. I also didn't get a positive HPT till 1 week later than I did for my other pregnancies. For all of these reasons (I tend to over think these things), I expect to go right at the end of the month, right at Thanksgiving weekend or possibly a little later. I will most likely schedule an induction for the 30th if I make it that far.

    @anniemarie - I'm sure you're sick of everyone wanting an update. If he's born on Halloween you should bring him home in a costume!
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    @mcolson - Ha ha I'm really hoping so! I'd like them to come out in their own time but they're due to be induced on November 1st so any day now would be nice!

    @skarbassoona - I know it's very uncommon, the midwife says they need to come out sometime soon because the quicker they're out, the healthier they'll be. Still, I'm not looking forward to feeding twins in the middle of the night!

    @mjc - Don't worry, you're doing amazing! We all struggle with eating during pregnancy. As skarbassoona said, you've gone through labour four times already - you'll do absolutely fine.
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    Well ladies in New Zealand it is now 9.30pm on the 31st October... I'm officially 41 weeks, I'm still pregnant, and my October baby is now a November baby. On a plus, saw my doc today and eviction notice has been served - he has 3 days to make his own way out before I'll be induced and he's kicked out instead.

    Being induced isn't ideal, I'd prefer to have gone naturally obviously, but at this point I don't care as long as he's out lol. So unless he comes by himself before Sunday night it's looking like a 4th November bday for my lil man
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