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    Sitting in the Doc's office, trying to keep the glucose drink down while I wait to have blood drawn. Yukk.

    I hope you are in labor, anniemarie!

    My aunt and sister will be organizing the shower, but I'll likely end up making foods for it, not that I mind.

    Best of luck with y'all and your pelvises, that does not sound like fun. I can't believe I only have 12 weeks left to get the house in order and the nursery done. Help!
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    Not in labor sadly @mrstoon! It has prompted me to arrange to finish work a few days earlier than planned though...

    Hated that glucose drink! fingers crossed it comes back negative so you don't have to do it again!
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    Is anyone else a total emotional wreck??? I have to get this under control! There is still no one lined up to do my job when I go out on leave and I'm the only one who does it. I keep finding myself furious about this because I know that it will take awhile to get someone up to speed and I am taking it as an insult that they think my job it easy or unimportant. And I keep crying over everything! There was a bus accident in Tennessee yesterday and my husband's co-worker's in-laws were on the bus and one of them didn't make it and one of them is in critical condition. I have never met them, but sobbed on the way to work today and keep getting teary. Anyone else doing this kind of stuff? I feel like I'm having an out of body experience - believe it or not I'm usually pretty laid back!
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    Mjc7709: oh dear, you are so not alone. I cry every single day. No joke. My poor husband is so flustered! But I'm just an emotional tornado right now and there's no stopping it. I cry over tv, food, stupid things that have nothing to do with me. I even cried right smack in the middle of Barnes & Noble a couple of days ago and I had zero reason why. It's the hormones and they are awful! But it's normal and it will pass - at least, that's what other women keep telling me!

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    I can relate to all those who are emotional or overwhelmed right now. I am usually pretty clean and on top of things but things have gotten pretty relaxed around here. And by relaxed I mean that things are messy and I break down periodically and wonder if I will ever be able to bounce back from this experience. At first it felt like everything was a temporary adjustment, but now I just feel like I've permanently transformed into a slob!

    Some of you are experiencing pelvic pain. I haven't had too much of that, but everything down there just feels loosy goosy like my bones are wobbling around in their sockets. It doesn't help that this boy lies really low. Sometimes I feel a lot of pressure on my tailbone and pelvic floor.

    @Mrstoon - good luck with your glucose screening. That test has to be my least favorite in pregnancy.

    I keep hoping to start reading some birth announcements on here. Come on ladies!
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