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    @anniemarie - I am thinking of taking a class this time. I know it sounds silly since it's not my first, but my last labor did not go well and I am so anxious about it. Already. I hope your class gives you some peace of mind and your labor is textbook!

    @mikayla - So sorry to hear that you are struggling. Celebrate Parker's birthday and cherish her. You and I are due around the same time and we have a long way to go. Try not to get impatient with the pregnancy part yet! Although, this time of year usually flys by, so maybe it won't drag on.

    Hope everyone else is doing better with heartburn, headaches and husbands!
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    Quite the long topic, don't have the patience to read through everything I've not read before!

    But figured I'd add in: my little misters expected arrival is for Dec 1st! We plan on naming him Archer <3

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    @mjc - there's another couple in our class who are on baby no 3 and are taking the class for the first time just to see what all the fuss is about, lol. The teacher was joking she should be teaching the class not taking it So far it just seems to be a more indepth information about topics that we (as woman) tend to pick up along the way anyway, but this provides all those little details you never really felt comfortable asking before. It's 4 consecutive Monday's so 3 sessions to go!

    @mariss - welcome! Another little boy LOVE the name Archer, I tried really hard to get hubby to agree to name this little one that, but he wasn't keen. Are you giving him a middle name?
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    Haven't had much time to post for a while (or anything to say I guess). I took a hospital birthing class before my first was born. I don't really remember it being that informative for me, but it was a real heads-up for my husband. I really think classes are a MUST for first time dads. DH would have been much less prepared and supportive if I hadn't had him come along.

    @littlemiss - welcome to the forum! Archer would be so cute!
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    We did Bradley classes and loved them. I was a bit over prepared (and got less out of it) but the emphasis is on the father and my husband really got a lot out of it. They are exspensive and long but if natural birth is important to you, they have a great success rate.

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