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    To a point, I call all of my children "baby/babies" so its not quite like its his personal nickname. My Daughter does stubbornly insist that we call our newest arrival "new baby" and Henry wants to call it "Olive." I mentioned that Oliver might suit a baby brother better but he told me that Oliver is a girls' name and that Olive is a boys' name. He mostly calls it "new baby" though.
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    @mikayla: OMG PREGNANCY BRAIN! So funny you bring that up, over the last few days I have done the most ridiculous things! Besides the little stuff like not being able to come up with a simple word I need, I drove TWICE with the parking break on, I set the dinner table WITHOUT plates (place mats and silverware, no plates, WTH??), totally forgot to walk the dogs, and lost my engagement ring (which thankfully turned back up). And that's just the stuff coming off the top of my mind, I have been such a ditz lately I'm sure I'm forgetting some good ones. Anyone else running with the Pregnancy Brain in full effect??

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    Wow it's been ages since I posted on this thread! I've been feeling too sorry for myself. I have not had an easy pregnancy at all so I've been feeling all "I hate pregnancy" and "hurry up November". This week I've been trying to be more positive but I have some health issues (non-pregnancy related) that have been exacibated by pregnancy plus I've been getting migraines, atleast 1 a week, that last for 2-3days at a time and I also have SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) and as of yesterday I am stuck on strick bedrest until baby arrives. Not easy when I have 2 young children already. I will be 25 weeks tomorrow and the end feels forever away.

    I do enjoy feeling lots of kicks from my little bundle though. Baby is way more active than my girls were! The girls call baby "Baby tummy" but I'm not sure Annabelle really understands there's actually a real baby in there, lol.

    Ladies I hope you are feeling better than I am! Are you feeling organised? I'm compleatly dissorganised and canmt do anything now I'm stuck on bedrest, I guess my husband and Mum will have to do all the baby shopping!
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    @cvdutch haha I have been doing some crazy stuff lately. I tried to put the trash in the fridge and pizza in a sippy cup. Ive spent 20 minutes looking for shoes that were right in front of me. Forgot the kids drinks next to the door left the takeout in the car after going to get it. Im always forgetting my train of thought and how to form words. It gets better eventually.

    SOOO we went and had a 3D/4D ultrasound done and baby is a GIRL woohoo! I am so excited and so is DH. I've been catching him smiling all day. He isn't a very smiley person so its fun to see. She has the cutest little button nose! Of course im sure I could find something to gush over no matter what.

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    @Jazz ugh im sorry! I have had chronic migraines since I was 9 and this pregnancy has been a pain. I wish I could offer help but I know how you feel mine always last 2-3 days and have severe neurological symptoms. And nope im completely disorganized right now and it's driving me batty.

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