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    @anniemarie: haha, I finally got into the right mindset to try the putting-out more thing too, hoping it would relax the stress between us and make us warmer toward each other again. NOPE. Only lasted about an hour, then we were back where we were. Oh well, at least we both had some fun?

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    Haha @cv - mine was the opposite, some good loving and he was almost skipping round the house for the next few hours and was so mega affectionate & wonderful.... yeah that made me feel pretty crap that i'd been holding out on him. lol!

    No haven't heard peep from Blade in ages - getting a bit worried tbh! Hope she & her little family are all ok...
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    Oh I wish I could use some loving to my advantage but I cant hopefully in a few weeks everything will be all clear. Im looking forward to finding out the gender if baby cooperates.

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    @hoot - When do you get your ultrasound?

    I was laying on my stomach this afternoon and I could feel the baby kicking away stronger than ever before. One more week till my next appointment and glucose screening. I've never had Gestational Diabetes, but the glucose drink always makes me feel like garbage and I already dread getting my blood drawn.

    I've always had a baby name picked out at this point in pregnancy, but I think this time is going to be different. We like Clark best right now but we'll see.
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    @skarb I'm waiting to schedule it im 17 weeks so I figure 3 weeks. Did you know you don't have to do the drink test. The drink always makes me very sick so this time im declining the test and going to do a regular blood sugar test with a monitor like they do for someone with diabetes.

    Not much new here pretty lazy hot day. I got the house cleaned early before it got too hot and tried to nap through the hottest part of the day. Its cooling down and I'm watching alligators on tv with my babies.

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