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    Greetings fellow human beings. Iv admired Nameberry from afar now Iv made the prolonged decision to join. I'm expecting human #2. I don't know gender as of yet. My dear husband knows the gender and will announce it at dinner in front of family members in. About 20 minutes, I'm so agitated I have decided to pass my time here.
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    Welcome to the forum, Pleasant! How did the gender reveal go? My dh would never be able to keep the gender a secret from me, he's a terrible liar and I wouldn't give him a minutes peace. Sounds fun to find out with all your family around though.

    Well, Today is DH's birthday. The kids made him some presents and I made a cherry pie from scratch. I am soooooo bad at it that it took me 3 tries to get the crust rolled out. I don't like pie myself so I'd never do it if I didn't love him so much. I keep hoping that he can feel the baby kick soon.

    Good news! Yesterday, DH told me that Linus was growing on him and that he was OK if we named him "Whinus, Linus." I'm still looking elsewhere because Linus doesn't sound that great with our last name, but I'm glad that he came around to one of my favorite names.
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    Warning - you get to hear me gripe about my in-laws.

    My parents in-law have been very kind and generous with us. They are very easy to get a long with and I know I am so lucky to have them. I'm only resentful because I keep hearing about how much more generous financially they are with my SIL. None of this bothers my husband, which I think is great, but it means that I struggle with this alone. We are quite well off financially, and she is less so, but I still can't help but feeling like it isn't fair. I feel guilty and childish.
    Mom to Henry, Mollie, Gideon, and expecting Clark Ebenezer in November.

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    Yikes. I feel like I have bounced back from a terrible pregnancy hormone fueled weekend. I've been really busy. Most of the time, I am quite a laid back SAHM, but I manage a handful of apartments on the side. I've had a really complicated empty apartment that I'm still trying to fill and everything else seemed to pile up on top. I was so tired on Friday night, but couldn't sleep and I spent half the night weeping uncontrollably (I didn't even know why). I always worry about PPD. I seem to be feeling better today, although tired, and I have woken up early this morning.
    Mom to Henry, Mollie, Gideon, and expecting Clark Ebenezer in November.

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    Skarb- I completely understand. I have had a pretty hormonal weekend also. Including sobbing uncontrollably at movies, the hunger games really why did noone tell me this was so sad. I've also been planning to move back to my home town and go visit my family but after speaking to my mother yesterday I don't even want to. She is demanding I apologize for an argument where we were both wrong. Um no thank you. Its been months get over it or apologize yourself.I do miss my family and both my brothers are visiting my parents this weekend so thats a little sad for me. I haven't even told my family I'm expecting yet. Oh well. I don't know what ill do yet.
    I've been sick all weekend but am starting to feel better finally. My little one is teething and feeling crummy. But at least dh has been talking baby with me.
    Welcome Pleasant, how did everything go? I think you will like it here.
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