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    I have started feeling the baby regularly. I can usually only feel him at night and in the morning while I'm in bed on my back. I think I am just to busy and active during the day to notice. Its still really weak and I can only feel it in certain places. I have anterior placenta and when I went to my anatomy scan he was just kicking away right into the placenta and I couldn't feel a thing. Only two more days till viability for me, so that is pretty exciting.
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    When is the earliest viability again? I thought it was about 26 weeks, is that correct? Still feels a long way off for me sitting here at Week 21...

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    Viability at this point is just percentages. 23-24 weeks is the point where most doctors will try to resuscitate or perform a c-section. At 24 weeks a baby has about a 40% chance of survival. This goes up 2-3% everyday till 26 weeks. At 26 weeks a baby has a 80-90% chance of survival. Obviously the healthiest time for babies to be born is past 37 weeks. Just nice to know that my baby would have a chance at this point. I'll be 24 weeks in 2 days.
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    @cvdutch-the earliest I've heard was 21 weeks but I think most drs consider 26 weeks viable. I had a neighbor whos twin boys were born at 24 weeks I believe due to twin to twin and they are 3 years old now. We make great improvements with medicine all the time.
    Well I am set on moving the police and swat have been at my apartments twice in the past 5 days. Its not my idea of fun. With two boys already and the new baby one the way it makes me very uneasy.

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    We just finished big project for my husbands side job so we are going to celebrate by going out to a nice dinner without the kids. I'm excited.

    @hootowl - eek. Hopefully you cant work something out soon.
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