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    Not much new here I've developed a horrible case of insomnia. I have decided to go back to my home town where I can be close to family and friends. Especially while dh is away. Dh seems totally disconnected and wont talk anything about the baby and its really annoying.

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    @hootowl: I'm sorry to hear that about the insomnia and about DH! My hubby frustrates me sometimes too with the lack of convo about the baby but he's not completely disconnected. I think for us we're both just so scared of something still going wrong and talking/trying to plan for it just makes us that much more nervous. If that makes any sense? Anyway, I think going back home to be close to family & friends sounds like a fantastic idea! We moved out to be with my parents last June and although it's stressful in its own way sometimes, now that I'm preggo I'm very, very thankful to have them around. Especially since my husband is gone most of the time for work.
    I had horrible insomnia throughout my entire first trimester, my OB highly recommended Unisom and I have to say it really works for me. It's completely safe - but there are different formulas and the one you want is the doxycycline (not the diphenhydramine formula). I'm always good for a listen if you want to vent via private message, feel free any time!

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    velvetcrush - I really don't think there's anything wrong with having a drink on a special occasion, and i happen to think free vintage champagne totally qualifies as a special occasion! I've had a couple of drinks at different events in the last 22 weeks (not counting the first 6 weeks when i didn't know i was pregnant here!), but like mrstoon said - it's all about moderation. One glass of wine or champagne isn't going to hurt, if you really want it, treat yourself!

    mrstoon - that's how i felt my first definite movement too! I was about 20-21 weeks and it felt like someone flicked me in the lower stomach. Within a couple of weeks of feeling that first movement he was going crazy

    hootowl - insomnia is the worst! I feel for you hun and hope you manage to get some sleep. Sorry about your hubby too, that's a hard one to deal with, but maybe he's just getting scared as you get further along? Mine went really introverted for a bit a couple of weeks ago, he's not a talker either but i eventually got him to admit that he was just worrying/stressing about everything and didn't want to burden me with it... Men are dorks sometimes.
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    Thank you ladies. I figure eventually ill be so tired I just have to sleep right? I hope anyway. With dh I mean I know he has a lot going on at work and hes doing a lot of training so I try to cut him some slack. I think as I get farther along he will get more excited.

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    So sorry about the insomnia. My husband gets overwhelmed with pregnancy/baby stuff sometimes too, especially names . With our first, I think he was worried/jealous that I was transforming into mom mode and that I wouldn't be HIS wife anymore. I just don't think he feels that early/exciting bond with the baby like I do. Keeping regular dates that are all about us really helped him to feel secure that all the regular couple stuff was still really important to me. Then all the baby stuff filling the rest of my life wasn't so threatening, KWIM?
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