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    Rosebyanyothername- they let my 2 yr old visit as soon as I was ready. The didn't have an restrictions unless they were sick or the new baby was in the nicu.

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    Hey all - update from me as I had the 20 week check-in with my regular OB today. Baby girl's heart rate was great at about 130 and my belly is measuring perfect (that was a relief for me to hear because my family is making me feel HUGE). The doctor sat down and let me ask her my list of questions about the l&d and she mostly gave satisfactory answers. She did bring up a bunch of testing that has not previously ever been mentioned to me - and I think that threw me for a bit of a loop. So I ended up leaving nervous and unsettled instead of feeling good like usual. Although everything has looked perfect so far, including the anatomy scan, because of the medications I take there's (apparently) a number of additional tests that need to happen after 34 weeks. Something about concern about the placenta not functioning as it's supposed to after that time? She said there's no reason to think it will happen but we have to check because of the medicines - and if something looks to be off, we'll look at our options then (early delivery I guess). The only reason it upset me is because no one's mentioned this to me before - if I had already known, I would have felt prepared. But it hit me out of left field. So I had a good cry and am just trying to let it go and move on. It is what it is and so far there's no reason to worry. Trying to remind myself it's a good thing they want to be so cautious, not a bad thing.

    Anyway, so barring anything unforeseen coming up, I'm done with visits until we go back to the perinatal specialist on 8/27 for the echo of Baby Girl's heart. Feels like it's forever away but I know now that it will sneak up on us.

    @mjc7709 - sorry you have something extra to worry about. I have never been in that situation and I'm a bit too overwhelmed with my own at the moment to try to imagine how I would handle it. But I see you already got some great input anyway and I'm sure you'll find the best way through it. I hope it all resolves smoothly!

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    Lots been happening!!!

    Congrats on the gender reveals ladies - and on healthy babies all round blues & pinks galore, love it!

    For those asking about genetic testing - hubby and I decided to get the Nuchal testing done at 12 weeks simply because we wanted to be prepared for anything that might arise rather than have that shock of the unexpected in the delivery room. We were lucky though and everything came back completely negative.

    I'm 27 + 3 now and my belly has gone 'pop'!!! Sadly it's also seen the return of ligament pain in my lower abdomen in the form of annoying cramps that show up whenever I go from sitting/laying down to standing. Oh the joys

    Getting started on the nursery now which is so fun. Bought wall art today with Dominic's name on it - felt very final because we haven't shared the name with anyone outside of my immediate family, so buying something with his name on it was very definite, can't change out minds now!!! (Not that we want to!)

    Love to you all!
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    So good to hear that everyone seems to be making it through the genetic testing relatively unscathed. Modern technology is a blessing and a curse, for sure.

    @cvdutch, don't fret about feeling movement. My book says that this can happen anywhere from up to 24 - 25 weeks, so maybe you are just really lucky with a chilled out baby.

    I will be 23 weeks tomorrow, and feeling large. I am definitely now obviously, hilariously pregnant rather than in the awkward in-between stage.

    So, I have a bit of a random, first-world conundrum: We are going on holiday on Thursday. My husband travels for business and, together with an airmiles credit card that we use, we have managed to wrangle ourselves first class tickets. Which come with all you can drink vintage champagne and wine. I have not partaken of alcohol at all this pregnancy, but for the first time I feel a bit (read: VERY) sorry for myself. While I know that my baby will not develop FAS from a single glass of wine, should I have one? If so, do I have a glass of champagne in the lounge, or a glass of red with my meal on the plane? I am seriously so bloody annoyed, as my husband is insisting that we get to the airport three hours early so he can fully enjoy the free bar in the lounge. Grrrrrrrr!!!
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    I let myself have two glasses of wine while on vacation in Florida last week. My understanding is that, if you have more alcohol than your liver can process, that excess is what is harmful to the baby. I wouldn't make a habit of it, but I think you and your baby will be fine if you have a glass of red!

    BTW, I think I felt movement today! I'm almost 20 weeks. I was lying on my stomach, and suddenly felt a series of little "pops" like someone was flicking my stomach with their finger. It also happens to be my grandpa Dale's 92nd birthday! If this lil one is a boy, his middle name will be Dale
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