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    Mjc7709- I think the cutest gender reveal I've seen was having the tech write it down in an envelope then go to a store and pick out on out fit for both genders hand the clerk the envelope and ask them to wrap the outfit that matches the gender and open it with family and friends. If that makes sense. I know I've been going from completely weepy to happy for the past few days. After hearing about the bleed all I can think about is making it to term. My youngest son was premature so I know what its like.

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    Hi everyone, just wanted to chime in and say hello too. The thread has been quiet and I am feeling sort of quiet about the pregnancy. Found out the gender a few weeks ago (at my anatomy scan), not much to look forward to now except a lot of time passing. Had my checkup today 23 weeks on Saturday. My big accomplishment is that I didn't gain any weight the last 4 weeks(I am overweight so I don't need to gain an ounce to be healthy-in fact if I lost weight it would probably be helpful-although I haven't).

    I have not had a huge appetite this pregnancy (unlike my last one) until the last 2 days. All of a sudden I am like stomach-growling, headachy, desperate to eat anything hungry all afternoon and evening (I am never hungry in the morning). But on the flip side I am getting full really quickly (everything is getting scrunched up in there) so I am hoping that I can manage without overeating.

    The heartburn has also kicked in with vengeance. Kept me awake for hours last night (had to stay upright but couldn't fall asleep that way).

    DH can feel our little girl kicking now!

    On the ultrasound topic-just wanted to chime in and say that I have had 3 ultrasounds and my doctor has done all of them! Its a very small practice (she is the only doc) and she does everybody's in office. I didn't even know that doctors did that but it is pretty cool. The anatomy scan was reassuring for that reason.
    I feel like I get a lot more personal care with this small practice but I am due right around thanksgiving and I am super nervous that my doc won't be around when I deliver (she is not going out of town or anything but she does share call with a few other docs). Since she isn't actually in practice with any of the docs she shares call with, I don't really have any chance to meet them. Plus I really just want her. I also was just informed that she got assigned jury duty the week of Thanksgiving! (I am actually due the Saturday before Thanksgiving and because of my last c-section and the history of giant babies in our family I probably won't go past 40 weeks but still-jury duty! Seriously how did she not get out of that). I am an anxious person by nature (and diagnosis for that matter), and it is crazy how many things there are to worry about when I think about the delivery and labor. Is anyone else thinking about these things? It feels so far away but I know its looming...

    Is anyone on this thread planning a homebirth? Birthing center? Midwife or doctor? I am curious about what people are doing to prepare...we did all the hippy natural birth classes the first time around (was planning a homebirth with a CNMW but got transferred to the hospital with the backup doctor and ended with a c-section). This time around I am not sure how to educate myself and DH.

    I also need some sort of a plan about what to do with Ramona...Anyone else have any ideas? We don't have family in town, we have close friends but you know...they have jobs, its hard asking them to be on call. My mom will come as soon as she can once I am in labor but she is a hospital nurse and if she is at work she will have to finish her shift, and then drive 550 miles.

    So many things to think about, sorry for the long ramble. I need to just enjoy this stage- right now I am in the sweet spot, not too uncomfortable yet, still sleeping okay (I am never a great sleeper), feeling the baby moving all the time so I know she is alive in there. I am grateful.
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    BABY A IS A BOY!!!!! BABY B IS A GIRL!!!!!!

    I'm so excited and thrilled to finally (18w1d) know!!! They will probably be Sam & Sadie! So excited to have a (little) blue in my life. Poor little guy is going to have three sisters!

    The first tech seemed unsure of herself and new and a second tech had to remeasure almost everything, which makes me nervous. They seemed to be focusing a lot on the hearts in the second round of images and asked a couple of times if I'd had genetic testing done (nope). So, I'm anxiously awaiting a call from my doctor tomorrow to make sure the radiologist report comes back with two healthy babies.

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    I am 20.5 weeks today and I still haven't felt a thing. Driving me NUTS!! I need this little girl to start kicking with all she's got or I'm going to start getting really nervous. Stupid anterior placenta!

    ETA: Hey, has anyone heard from Blade lately? Seems like she's been quiet for quite awhile now - I know she moved and had some things going on so could just be all that. I hope so anyway but I always worry when a regular disappears!
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    Congratulations Misslindseylou! Having Boy/Girl twins is a dream of mine. In fact, I'm always convinced that I am too sick to be carrying only one baby till I see the ultrasound. Sam and Sadie would be cute. Hopefully the ultrasound comes back healthy. Keep us posted. I'm 23 weeks tomorrow and just counting the days till viability. Its unbelievable that babies can actually survive if they are born so early.

    @CVDutch - I feel you on the anterior placenta. At this time in other pregnancies my husband was able to feel movement, but I still only get a few flutters here and there. Blade's account hasn't had any activity in over 2 weeks. She must be really busy. I don't know how she finds time on here at all between an 80 hour work week, being pregnant, and a 1 year old.
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