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    Hi whirlybird congrats! Boys are awesome! Im sure girls are too but I only have boys so far. Im hoping this one is a girl since I cant think of any boy names lol. Well yesterday I felt the baby kick for sure and it was so exciting..but I have been having some cramping and spotting so I'm going to the dr today as soon as hubby gets home. Everyone wish me luck

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    Congrats on the boy @whirlybird! And Good Luck, @hootowl, update us when you get home.

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    Hey ladies,

    Haven't checked in a while so thought i'd come say hi!

    Welcome to the people who've just found the board

    I didn't feel my lil dude beyond the odd kick until about 22 weeks - but then he's been training to be an acrobat i swear! I had a scan at 24 weeks (follow up from anatomy because they couldn't see the heart properly) and he's growing well and is right on the median line growth wise.

    I had my glucose tolerance test a week ago, along with full bloods & a mid-stream urine test. Haven't had a call from my midwife so no news is good news!

    I've just had all my maternity leave approved with work, so will be off work from the 11th Oct (i'll be 38 weeks) and i don't go back until the end of March, when bub will be about 5 months old. I can't wait to be a full-time mum for 5 months, just wish it could be longer!!!

    Hope you are all well
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    Just wanted to update everyone the cramping and spotting stopped. I didnt make it to the dr as ive been battling a migraine but its on its way out and im going in to the dr tomorrow just to be sure.

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    @hootowl - hope you got confirmation at the doctor and everything is ok!

    I have my anatomy scan Wednesday morning and my husband had something come up at work and can no longer come with me. It's not his fault, but I'm so disappointed. I'm of "advanced maternal age," which they remind me every appointment and we didn't do any screening or testing because we would not terminate anyway, so I'm pretty nervous about this one. They scheduled this at my 8 week appointment, so I've been counting down the days and don't want to reschedule (no idea how long it will take to get another appointment). What would you guys do?
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