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    Quote Originally Posted by cvdutch31 View Post
    Welcome all the newcomers! Nice to finally see some action on this thread again, it's been too quiet!!!

    I am still waiting with baited breath to feel baby girl move. I'll be 19 weeks on Monday but nada yet. Then Tuesday is our Anatomy Scan. I'm just about counting down the hours because I need it to happen and I need to know everything is ok. Hope everyone else is doing well!!!

    Gemma took forever to start kicking and tumbling about it there too. I know how that feels. Here's wishing time just flies past until it's time for your scan!
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

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    I'm just about 17 weeks now. A few nights ago, I was lying on my stomach and I thought I maaayyybe felt a little flutter. Nothing since then though so maybe it was my imagination. Had to postpone my 20 week anatomy scan another week, as I have to go out of town for work.... argh! I want so badly to see that everything is going according to plan in there In the meantime, Husband loves the baby bump, and we'll be doing a photo shoot tomorrow.

    Best wishes to all you other berries and your babies and bellies.
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    I think it gets easier to feel movement the more kids you have. I have felt some twinges but I think its just luck or wishful thinking maybe.

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    Thanks everyone, always feels better to hear others are, or have been, in the same boat. It's taking forever for the anatomy scan to happen, it will be amazing (if things look good of course) to have that over and done and to be able to breathe. I'll definitely post again after it's all over on Tuesday evening.

    Please, please cross your fingers and toes for us that baby girl is healthy and well, we really need her to be and we very much appreciate all baby dust and baby prayers and anything else you may have. Thank you!

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    When did everyone have there first ultrasound? I believe im about 15 weeks depending on what due date im a little confused about my due date as well. I havent had a scan yet but I had my first two in a different state and had a scan at about 12 weeks. Everything seems to take much longer here and all the obs are booked weeks out. We just moved so its hard to find a new Dr

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