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    As for names we are currently tottering between Oscar and Clark and still looking around.
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    Vent time ladies! We moved house over the weekend - what a nightmare!!! Firstly, there is nothing quite like moving house while 24 weeks pregnant to make you feel more in the way and completely useless. It was hell! Get to the new house and the phone, internet & hot water all aren't working... We've been in here for 4 days & the techs have just got the phone and internet up, but still no hot water. Sponge baths in boiled water don't cut it and right about now i'd kill for a hot shower.

    I took Monday & Tuesday off work knowing i'd be exhausted after the move and instead of resting like i'd planned have had to deal with all the crap. Feel completely cheated and am dreading going back to work tomorrow because i feel so emotionally spent. Been in tears today more times than i wish to count, every little thing is setting me off. And because we've had all these techs coming and going my poor fur-babies (2 cats) have been shut up in my bedroom/ensuite for 4 days except for in the evenings when we've let them wander around and i feel like the meanest mummy in the world because i can hear them meowing.

    I know its really not that bad and i'm over reacting but i'm just so over it all!!!! I have a scan tonight which normally I would be so looking forward to but i can't even get excited about that. And now I want to cry again.

    UGH!!!!!! rant over. thanks for listening!
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    anniemarie I feel your pain. We moved when I was 36 weeks pregnant with Ramona. When we moved in the house had been empty for a year and as soon as we started sleeping there we had major plumbing mishaps. Raw sewage flooded our basement, we couldn't use our toilets. I was 36 weeks pregnant. I had to pee (no exaggeration) between 6-8 times every night. And probably every hour during the day. Fortunately I had taken the entire semester off work so I didn't have to do that too!! I was barely holding it together as it was. We don't have any family nearby (closest is 550 miles) so its not like I could just stay with my mom. It took almost 2 weeks to get everything right. It was miserable. I was also planning a homebirth (which didn't happen) and I kept being terrified that I would go into labor and have to have my baby in a house that had a basement full of poop. Wishful thinking since I didn't go into labor until 41 weeks.
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    Sigh. It's been a tough couple of days. My first two pregnancies were a breeze compared to this one. Carrying twins is no joke. First, there was the bleeding which led to the ultrasound that showed twins. Next, a vaginal wall prolapse. Super awesome. Not. Then yesterday I spend the whole day at the Dr. and having yet another ultrasound (my 4th already at just 16 weeks) because of concern over cervix shortening and funneling. Luckily, everything is fine, but man alive, it's all enough to drive me bonkers. Well, that and the headache I've had for 8 weeks. My chiropractic adjustments are helping and I'm drinking a few Cokes a day and Extra-Strength Tylenol when needed, but it's still lingering and making me crazy! I was hoping that since I had to have an ultrasound yesterday that the tech would at least peek at gender, but NO! Ugh. I am seriously hoping that at my 18 week anatomy scan they can determine the sexes of these babies, because I really need a mid-pregnancy pick me up to get me through. I hope you all are feeling great and growing healthy babies!

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    misslindseylou: So sorry to hear things have been so tough for you! I've had a couple of minor bumps in the road with my single pregnancy (bleeding) so I know how scary it is. You must be exhausted. I'm also dealing with the headache - it's been pretty much constant for the last month. I think it's mostly because my sinuses are completely stopped up but it could also just be the hormones. My skin is also still really bad though I keep hoping it clears up somehow. Oh what fun! Where is that glow people always talk about?!??

    I hope things settle down and you can have some peace from here on out. And I hope you can get a peak at the sex of the babies at your next us - hearing we're having a girl really was an amazing pick me up for us. Rest as much as you can, maybe try some guided meditation? I've found a couple of short ones (less than 10 minutes) on YouTube (free!) and they really are fantastic for chilling me out, even when I'm totally stressed. <<hugs>>

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