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    Welcome Jacqueline!

    Wow, i can't imagine how absolutely devastating losing your daughter at 40 weeks must have been... chokes me up even thinking about it! Do you mind if we ask what happened? I know it must be a very hard subject for you to talk about, so please don't feel you have to answer if you're uncomfortable doing so.

    Congrats on your current pregnancy though and I have to say I adore your kids names!

    Jamieandjoel - 4 boys, you must have your hands full! Good luck for your anatomy scan, either way sounds like your LO will be joining a very loving family.
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    Annemarie - thanks for your sweet words. The doctors could give no known cause. We sent the placenta and cord to be tested and they came back free of infection. The best guess (based on the fact that the placenta looked more calcified than it *should* have been) was that it stopped being able to support her. She likely died slowly the last two weeks of my pregnancy, which tears me up every time I think of it. I did feel decreased movement and was reassured by my midwife that it was normal for babies to move less as they got bigger and prepared for delivery (I had never made it that far in pregnancy before). Of course, looking back, I see the warning signs (measuring a bit small at the end, decreased movement, etc.) and it makes sense. But at the time, everything had a logical explanation and I trusted my health care provider over my own intuition.

    For my sanity and to play the "just in case" card, I want an earlier induction. I have given up my deep concern for a beautiful, fulfilling birth, and now would just like to take a healthy baby home with me.
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    Annemarie- oh it can be very chaotic and rowdy! Lol. They are great though. They love sports and to wrestle. They only have two girl cousins on my husbands side and the rest are boys so they have a lot of fun torturing the girls. Haha

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    Welcome Jaqueline! I am so sorry about your loss...I will be praying that you make it through this time with a minimum stress.

    I have never been through anything like you have but I had a miscarriage prior to my daughter an awful birth with her (planned homebirth with 36 hours of active labor ending in an emergency c-section). I definitely can relate to the whole "bringing home a healthy baby" goal. I have little to no faith in the idea that having a plan for some sort of spiritually actualizing birth is something that can actually happen, at least for me...
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    Welcome to the group Jaqueline, and good luck to any upcoming anatomy scans! I had mine this morning and everything looked great. I took my mom and she couldn't believe how much clearer they are than the one she had 30 years ago. Its still a boy so I can just forget girl names for awhile. The biggest benefit to waiting to find out the gender is that you don't have much time to be disappointed because you are too busy being in love with your baby. Oh well. I have an anterior placenta which explains why I haven't really felt much movement. He was actually kicking and rolling around the whole time and I didn't feel a thing. Everything looks healthy and perfect and right on track for size. I even got to count all ten toes and fingers. He's sitting breach, but I know its way too early to worry about that. The next time I see him will be his birthday. Hang in there, little guy!
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