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    Hi all - I haven't been keeping up lately - our household gets a little hectic sometimes! - so over the past two days I've been reading all the posts I missed. So nice to read what is going on with everyone and hear that we have similar fears and symptoms So fun to find out who's having boys, who's having girls and who can actually hold out for the surprise! I want to know NOW!!! My anatomy scan is July 24th and I was so intrigued by cvdutch getting the 3D ultrasound early that I looked into it, but they don't recommend it for a few weeks at my local place, and then I'll practically be at the anatomy scan so I think I'll wait. I'm still struggling with nausea too and was really hoping it would go away. I'm terrified of a C-section, so I'm really rooting for you, Blade! I'm actually terrified of an epidural, but after my last one that needed Pitocin, I may have to overcome that fear, not sure I can do it again!

    Ok, I need some advice from you guys - my last child was born in March of 2012 and I was not able to even take my entire maternity leave because I am the only person that does my job at my office and the person filling in for me quit after 6 weeks. Of course, my employer did not require me to come back early and I came back to do the bare essentials and worked from home a lot, but it was a nightmare for everyone. I still haven't told them about this new one coming and I don't have any idea how to tell them! To be totally honest, as much as I love babies and this one is already cherished, I can't help being embarrassed about being pregnant again. I'm 38, exhausted, and an attorney (in a lower paying but more family friendly position) and NO ONE has a family the size of mine in my profession. Feel free to straighten me out, but what I really need is confidence and suggested wording I am the primary bread winner in my house, so staying home with my babies isn't an option. I am lucky to have a flexible schedule as long as my work gets done, so I am a very checked in mom. But probably not as checked in at work as I was before Birdie Mae and feeling a little guilty...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cvdutch31 View Post
    @blade: Kind of a separate question but something I've been confronted with a couple of times in the last few days. What do you think about people who feel like ultrasounds are dangerous for the baby? What I mean is, what do you feel about the issue and how would you respond? I've had a few more than usual because of my previous loss and I haven't been able to find any research that backs up the claims it's dangerous at all. Am I wrong again?
    Christine, I think there was some discussion about ultrasounds in a thread you started about renting a fetal doppler:

    In short, you are entirely right-- there is not a shred of evidence, not anything remotely open to interpretation, which suggests that ultrasound is in any way dangerous to a fetus (nor to an adult). Like I said in that thread, you best not live on planet Earth if you feel the need to shelter your developing baby from sound waves, as they're constantly emitted by the earth itself (not to mention broadcast communications, and anything and everything that actually makes noise within the audible range). The warnings from the FDA about cavitation are principally hypothetical, stemming from extreme frequencies and extreme exposure times, and not something that is observed clinically.

    Here is ACOG's official safety statement:

    You should know-- though please don't be worried-- that the US, Canadian, Australian and several Western European nations' official ob/gyn professional societies all oppose recreational ultrasound. There are many reasons: the 4D machines emit higher frequencies of sound waves and the scans last >20-30min, thus maximizing the fetus' exposure; and, perhaps most importantly, the scan is being done without anyone being present who has the legal ability to interpret it and diagnose abnormalities, if present. [Most of the commercial ultrasound places make you sign 50 disclaimers proving you already had your anatomy scan, accompanied with a note from your OB certifying a healthy pregnancy-- so I was quite surprised you got your 3D ultrasound so early!]
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    @blade: Thanks again, I had forgotten that part of the doppler conversation! I was a bit surprised that it was so easy to go and get an ultrasound too - the only requirement they had was that I be at least 14 weeks. And I did sign one waiver but it was a short basic release. But we bought the most basic package and the ultrasound lasted less than 10 minutes - I really just wanted to hear her heart beating and find out boy or girl. I don't need some half hour long video of her inside. They do offer that kind of thing but it's a few hundred dollars and just isn't our thing. We enjoyed it a lot so we mentioned maybe going back much closer to the end of the pregnancy, and bringing a few family members, but we again would do the quick ultrasound. And who knows if that will really happen or not. But I'm very glad you reminded me of the research that basically shows no risk. I'm nervous enough as is. When we told my OB on Monday she definitely wasn't excited about it but she has flyers for the place (they're across the street from each other) on her check in/check out desk advertising for them. And she didn't voice any concerns which I would trust her too if she had reason. Also, since my anatomy scan is still on the way, on the 16th, I'll be reassured by that I hope, that everything is on track. Got my blood results this afternoon and everything was normal, so no indicators for Down's yet.

    I also really appreciated your comment on a different thread that you had a kind of continuum of calm with your first baby. These first 16 weeks have been kind of hellish for me since we're so scared of something going wrong - but I'm hoping to be able to breathe a bit more after the anatomy scan. And then once we cross the 26th week viability mark, breathe more. Thanks so much for everything Blade!

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    Amnio results are in and we have a perfectly normal baby (no chromosomal abnormalities)! I am so relieved and now definitely going to enjoy a hot, long weekend - Happy Canada Day!

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    Congrats KK!
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