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    Welcome to Jaime. What a fun house full of boys you must have. Congratulations Cvdutch31! I've never had one of those 3d ultrasounds but they look so cool. I cant ever make head or tails of the regular sonograms, I just have to take the technician's word for it.

    As for feeling good, I have never felt this good in any of my pregnancies. The nausea is gone, I have lots of energy, and I am not uncomfortably big yet. I used to think 2nd trimester bliss was a myth, but I really feel good right now.

    I saw the midwife yesterday and everything looks good. I haven't felt much movement, and the heartbeat was tricky to locate so she is guessing that I might have an anterior placenta. I will find out for sure in a few weeks at my anatomy scan. i had an anterior placenta with my daughter and didn't feel her until I was 23 weeks along. Maybe she was just a really lazy baby, but I only felt her move a dozen or so times the whole pregnancy. She turned out perfect so I'm not too worried, but I don't like talking about the baby not moving to other people because it freaks them out.
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    Congrats, @cvdutch, a little girl is so exciting!
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    I felt him move! It woke me up in this morning. It should have been a beautiful moment, but I was on my side and he rubbed right along the inside of my hip bone and it made me shudder. I know he doesn't really have a lot of bone mass, but it really felt like our bones grinding together. At first I thought it was a dream, but then he did it again. He really must be getting big in there.

    I can't stop looking at baby clothes! I feel like all my little boy things are in rags. Luckily we are totally set for all the big stuff (I need to get a new car seat this time around) so I can get all the stuff we couldn't afford with our first ones. In the past, I have mostly bought second hand Gap, Gymboree, and Crewcuts because they seem to hold up the best from kid to kid, but I was wondering where you ladies like to buy things? I haven't been shopping at an actual store in sooooooo loooong!
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    Well, I had my definitive gender scan this AM-- Ant-two is definitely a girl. I'm excited to have a little matched set. I told Antoine but he seemed rather non-plussed.

    However, my placenta is still very low (7mm from the cervix) and with the baby bumping and grinding away in there, I am continuing to have sub-chorionic bleeding. The little head taps-taps-taps against the placenta and provokes a bleed. I'm only 17 weeks, but if it doesn't move up more (2cm away from the cervix is the minimum safe distance for a TOL and attempted vaginal birth) I'll be staring down the barrell of a c-section. Boo.
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    Oh, so excited for everyone! Second trimester is loads better than the first but I still occasionally spend my mornings over the sink puking. Like I did yesterday...anyone know why it goes away and then comes back? 18.5 wks and my anatomy scan is tomorrow! So excited!

    Blade does your placenta just have to move before labor or is it a certain number of weeks? Any chance of bed rest?
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