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    @blade: I'm sorry you're stressing right now. I had spotting for about a month from weeks 3-8ish, continuously. It was always brown and lightish but I hated it. Had it checked a few times and doctor could never see any source. Very stressful. It's stopped for about a week now but I'm basically just waiting for it to come back. As long as it's not bright red I think I can handle it but...obviously it's much nicer without. When is your next OB visit?

    I was just coming here to write that I'm getting so nervous about my next appointment that sleep is just out the window completely. I'll be 12 weeks on Monday and my next ultrasound is next Wednesday (5/29) morning. I'm absolutely terrified. I've been through quite a few really hard things over the course of my life but I honestly think this is the highest level of constant stress that I've ever had to carry. It's exhausting. And whenever something else goes wrong, I basically fall apart completely and almost have a total panic attack. I'm lucky to have an amazing husband who just does whatever he can to help. Unfortunately, he will be working during this next OB visit so that really sucks. My mom has offered to come with me but in a lot of ways she just stresses me out more so I dunno yet. I know I'm going to be literally shaking with fear while I'm in the waiting room and while I'm laying on the table, waiting for the exam and ultrasound. My stomach cramps just thinking about it now! This is supposed to be a nice, fun, long holiday weekend but forget that, I can barely focus on anything at all besides Wednesday. How the h____ am I going through the last 7 months too? Eeeeeesh!

    Anyway, we aren't religious people but when it comes to baby, we appreciate any prayers/healthy-baby-juju anyone can send up for us. There are no words for how badly I want to hear a strong heartbeat and know that everything is on track on May 29th. Hugs to everyone!

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    @blade - thinking of you! Hope all is ok with you and your precious cargo, keep us posted xxoo

    @cvduth - lots of good baby juju coming your way as well!

    5 sleeps till my anatomy scan and finally finding out if this lil one is a he or a she!!!!
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    Blade and cvdutch, you are both in my prayers.
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    Thanks all. My OB said he would be very surprised if I were miscarrying given how reassuring things looked at 10wks. I've bumped up my quad screen to Tuesday. Of course I am a pessimist in all medical matters so anything can happen.
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    Just wondering if any of you have seen a traditional osteopath? I ask because there are a few in town here who specialize in fertility, working with patients pre-conception - often treating both mom and dad; during the pregnancy to create the best posible conditions for the embryo/fetus; and once the little one is born. (i.e. though this clinic in San Diego is more specifically geared towards children). Anyway, just curious and thought I'd ask. Congrats to you all
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