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    So excited for everyone! I'm 9 weeks - Due December 20. I've been showing since my youngest was born last March! Haven't told anyone - we have so many kids that everyone says, "Haven't you figured out how this happens?" I'm dreading it.

    But I'm excited for this baby - our youngest is 8 years younger than the next one so now she will have someone to grow up with.

    I really indulged last pregnancy and need to be careful this time - very interested in the primal eating. Makes sense, but I've been so sick this time that toast and ginger ale have been my staples.
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    I'm due 26 November with my second - so just past 12 weeks. I have gained approximately one-two pound(s) but it's not baby I was eating extremely cleanly. I'm not militantly paleo or primal but heavily inspired by what I call natural eating and ate virtually no grain except a couple of pieces of Ezekiel bread on weekends. The nausea has made it virtually impossible to stay with my normal diet of lean meats and fish and veg. All I can stomach is toast, eggs, a variety of fats, and fruit. I was quite sick until 20 weeks the first time and I can feel it ebbing now so I'm hopeful this pregnancy will be better. I am not showing but extremely bloated by day's end.

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    I'm 13 weeks pregnant (Nov. 21) and I actually haven't been terribly sick. I take things easy and I always have to eat something before I get out of bed. I am feeling a touch better, but for some reason I don't ever seem to get over vomitting till about 20 weeks. I'm not on any special diet but I eat a lot of fruit, especially grapes, oranges, and cherries. I also really like spinach with balsalmic vinegar. I'm not showing very much yet, but I am wearing maternity shorts because having anything tight around my waist makes me sick. I have my next midwife appointment next week, but I'm more excited about getting my gender scan at 15 weeks. I've never known the gender this early. If they can't tell the gender then I still get to find out at my anatomy scan at 20-22 weeks.

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    I had the weirdest reaction to finding out I was pregnant. I had a panic attack and didn't want to think or hear about anything baby related at all. I am not sure why, but I have thought about wanting a baby and planned for it for so long that when it finally happened I just couldn't even handle it. It was such a strange reaction! My husband was ecstatic and wanted to shout it from the roof tops and I just couldn't deal. Mostly I was just scared. I think I was scared that it might not be real, or that something could happen. I don't know what was going on with me, but I have had time to absorb it and now I am really very happy.
    I remember feeling this way when I found out that I was pregnant for my first! For me it was just like getting on a rollercoaster before the ride starts. I wasn't scared while waiting in line, but once I was strapped in and I knew that I couldn't get off, I panicked. I was scared because my life was never going to be the same again, I knew pregnancy would change me and that having a baby to take care of was filled with unknowns. I just needed some time to absorb too.
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    I love the idea of a narrowed down group! Due Oct 22nd with our first! 17w and time is beginning to fly.

    I could probably still do up the buttons on my favorite jeans, but not comfortably. We'll count this as the week that they no longer fit. Hello hair ties and belly bands holding them closed!

    Morph ultrasound scheduled for June 13th (so long to wait!!!) where we will NOT be finding out the sex. But we cannot wait to see this peanut looking more baby than bean-with-heart-beat that it did at 7 weeks!

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    Wanted to chime in, 13 weeks and due November 23. Showing already here, although I haven't gained at all (I am rather overweight, so I don't need to gain anything so that is fine by me). Finally seem to be less nauseated (still fairly bad but nothing like weeks 6-12 were). I have a 2 year old at home and I am SO tired. I can't wait to start to feel my baby! Sometimes I still (even after 2 ultrasounds) freak out that something may be wrong (ie baby has died and I don't know it). I am a worrier by nature.

    Congrats to all! Anyone else have kids already besides mjc and blade? Any truth to what people always say about "oh if you are way more sick with this baby then it must be a ___(opposite of what you already have)"? I have no psychic mama connection but I have been so sick with this one (compared to Ramona) that everyone insists it must be a boy...
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