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    Babies Due October-December 2013

    Since the "Pregnant 2012-2013" thread has a 2-yr span and has become unmanageably huge, I thought those of us rounding out the year might peel off and form our own thread.

    I'll start-- I'm 11 weeks now, and feel marvelous. This is the best point of pregnancy I think; you don't feel sick nor do you suffer from the mass effect of a giant uterus (i.e. you can still bend over and sit in a chair like a normal adult) nor any of the pesky late-term physiologic changes like constant breathlessness or swelling.

    Very surprisingly, I'm starting to show. I know you show earlier with the second than with the first since your abdominal wall is already lax, but this seems a bit early? I am especially bummed because I had special-ordered a pair of jeans from my favorite designer months ago and they arrived this morning. They look incredible-- I've been strutting around in them all day, I love them so much-- but I've got what, 2-3 weeks to wear them? Then it's Bella Band time.

    Edit: OK, here's everyone who's joined the thread thus far:

    Sarahmezz: Hey guys, since Blade has been away for a while, I figured I'd update this post since I'm boring and have nothing better to do on my Sunday afternoon!

    mommakyra - It's a boy! Vale Michael was born on October 8!
    foreverelectra - It's a girl! Phoebe Valentine was born on October 21!
    nicodesi - It's a girl! Gwendolen Betty was born on October 21!
    whirlybird - It's a boy! Hayes Dominic was born on October 27!
    kkrvf - It's a boy! Konrad Rupert Leopold was born on October 28!
    anniemarie - It's a boy! Dominic Jameson was born on November 3!
    jazz1509 - It's a girl! Madeleine Pearl was born on November 8!
    velvetcrush - It's a girl! Antonia Eloise Gray was born on November 9!
    rosebyanyothername - It's a girl! Sylvia Joy was born on November 15!
    skarbassoona - It's a boy! Clark Ebenezer was born on November 18!
    joyfulmomto8 - It's a girl! Caroline Augusta Jane was born on November 19!
    littlemissmariss - It's a boy! Archer Cohen Bear was born on November 19!
    katemcnamelover - It's a girl! Loretta Daisy was born on November 21!
    ty13 - It's a girl! Margot Alice was born on November 21!
    cvdutch - It's a girl! Amelia Joelle was born on November 28!
    marsy33 - It's a boy! Zeller Baird was born on November 28!
    blade - It's a girl! Cassia Viviane Noor was born on November 30!
    amandaberry - It's a girl! Maria Julietta Grace was born on December 3!
    emcat - It's a girl! Mabel Juniper was born on December 3!
    lilymay27 - It's a girl! Francine Rosa Leah was born on December 3!
    misslindseylou - It's a boy and a girl! Sadie Kate and Samuel Robert were born on December 4!
    mrstoon - It's a boy! Benjamin Dale was born on December 14!

    The following births are yet to be announced...

    stellam357 - October 22
    teddybear03 - November 3 - It's a girl!
    celly - November 4 - It's a boy!
    mk0202 - November 18 - It's a girl!
    mcolson0901 - November 19 - It's a girl!
    kylermom - November 29 - It's a boy!
    klgglasgow - December 10
    mjc7709 - December 19 - It's a girl!
    violetindigo - December 23
    jamieandjoel - It's a boy!
    taabbiithaa (twins!) - It's a boy and a girl!
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