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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Very surprisingly, I'm starting to show. I know you show earlier with the second than with the first since your abdominal wall is already lax, but this seems a bit early?
    That is definitely true, and 11 weeks sounds pretty normal to start seeing a little bulge at least. It really depends on your body type I'd say... my best friend is very tall and has a very athletic build and she didn't start showing until 22-23 weeks. She is about 32 weeks now and finally looks unmistakably pregnant. I started showing around 16-18 weeks.
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    Good idea ladies! I'm 17 weeks and due 24th Oct. My pants all stopped fitting comfortably weeks ago, except for one pair of jeans hidden right at the back which i had from before i'd lost a bit of weight, and i'm now even almost out of those (sigh!). I can still do them all up (just!) but they're definitely not comfy anymore! I'm still quite big so i think i just look like i've gained weight at this point because i just can't suck in my tummy anymore, but it's definitely rounding out.

    I'm not on any food plan of any kind - just eating healthy in general and drinking lots of water. I've heard great things about paleo though and may give it a try after baby, i don't want to make any dramatic changes while i'm preggo.

    Had a midwife appt yesterday and everything is looking really good. Made my anatomy scan booking today so will find out if bub is a he or a she on the 30th - can't wait!
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    Hey all,

    Thank you for starting this thread Blade, I'm excited! I had avoided the older one for the exact reasons you mentioned, seems pointless when they're that large already. Anyway, I'm due 12/8/2013 with our first and I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. As most of you already know, we lost our first pregnancy to a mc (right at 10 weeks) back in 10/11 - so this time around has been extra scary and extra tough. This period right now has been the hardest; we were going to the OB every week for blood and ultrasounds but at the last visit, she said everything looked great and she'd see us in a month. So now we have one and a half weeks left until the next ultrasound and it's absolute torture to wait this long. I am so worried I can hardly breathe if I let myself think about it (so I generally don't). Last time we were also told everything looked great, see you in a month - then we went back and got the awful news. Gives me a pit in my stomach just thinking about it.

    Anyway, on to happier thoughts! I am already showing as well (!!!!) - but I think that's probably because when I'm not pregnant, I don't let myself eat very much! I don't have the healthiest eating habits normally - but ever since finding out I'm preggo, I've just been eating almost non-stop. I haven't had ANY morning sickness, instead I've had raging hunger all day. It's freaking me out because I'm so afraid I'm going to be HUGE by the time this is over. But I'm not, by any means, gorging on garbage all day. I'm eating fruit, veggies, real food instead of the protein bars I usually call meals. I'm also taking my vitamins of course. Nothing in the world, including my weight, means more to me than this baby so I'll sacrifice whatever it takes!

    I went to Kohl's yesterday and got 2 pairs of maternity shorts. I thought about just buying one size up - but I couldn't bring myself to spend money on something I knew I'd only be able to wear a few more weeks. So even though it's really too early, I went with the stretchy maternity shorts. I'm keeping the receipt, if anything happens I'll bring them straight back. I've tried to avoid buying anything even remotely baby-related... but I was down to only being able to fit into my sweat shorts and I'm not going around town in those!

    So we'll keep counting the days until next u.s. at May 29th. Then, hopefully will be counting the days until the anatomy scan so we can know boy or girl. We've been hoping and praying for this baby for a loooooong time. Hugs to everyone!

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    I'm 12 weeks tomorrow, due November 30th I am so surprised that my morning sickness has stopped this week! I was sick morning, noon and night with both my girls, so it feels a bit weird! I still feel exhausted and running around after my girls makes me want to go to bed as soon as they are asleep each night. We have had a few scary moments this pregnancy as I have had bleeding and cramping on a number of occasions, after having experienced losing a baby before it was an incredible relief to see that little flicker on the ultrasound!

    I am hoping for a VBAC but, after an emergency c-section followed by an elective c-section only 12 month later, I'm not sure what my OB will say! I really hope a VBAC will be possible, it's 2 years since my last c-section.
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    I'm 12 weeks and 3 days today, due on 26 November. I had my 12-week scan on Tuesday, and it was amazing to see The Bug jumping and wiggling around. I've had lots and lots of symptoms, but luckily only fairly mild morning/afternoon/evening/nighttime sickness. The worst has definitely been the odd debilitating migraine.

    Some days I seem to show, and other days my bump disappears (this may have more to do with how much cake I'm eating). However, my pants have definitely stopped fitting around the waist, and so I've ordered a belly band. I've also finally unleashed myself on the world of online maternity clothes shopping, and I'm close to bankrupting us!

    I've also been prescribed iron supplements and, while it may just be a coincidence, I've been having very light and sporatic rust-coloured discharge for the past week. Obviously I'm not thrilled about this, but also not feeling too concerned although I've left a message for my midwife to check in. We are starting to tell friends and family, although I'm going to let nature do the talking at work other than telling my boss and HR.

    I can relate to @violetindigo's weird reaction to finally being pregnant. I have had many anxious and tearful episodes these past 12 weeks, ranging from worrying about the baby, wondering what the fu@k I've got myself into, not wanting to get fat after spending the past year getting in shape, worrying about money and job security, mourning my amazing child-free life of Greek Island vacations, disposible income and afterwork cocktails with girlfriends on a Wednesday night. This is all hilarious when contrasted with the reality of someone who has been desperately trying for a baby for the past six years! I guess it's just a fundamental shift in identity that is terrifying to comprehend. No wonder it can trigger an existential crisis. I'm just very happy that I have about six months to come to terms with it, and hopefully get to enjoy the ride!
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