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    Hi everyone! Had my anatomy scan this morning. Everything looks great, measuring right on track, and feeling goodish (still some nausea/vomitting here).

    We are officially having a girl!!! I have to admit there is a slight disappointment about not being a boy but I think I would have been a little disappointed no matter what. Both genders are just so fun and have their unique charms. But I am SUPER excited that Ramona will have a sister!!

    Had my boy name all sorted and now we have no clue with girls so the fun naming journey can really begin

    Also to Blade and Marsy I completely agree with you about the developmental cognitive disability thing. I have 2 developmentally disabled sisters (including 1 with autism) and I work with special needs children. Instead of making me more confident I think all of that experience has made me hyper-aware of how hard it is and how consuming it can be for families. Its something I have a lot of guilt about because I have long been an advocate in my own settings for the disabled but I pray for my own children not to be.

    My mom says that having disabled kids its the sort of thing (like the death of a child, or going blind or having terminal cancer) that few people have the reserves or the ability to deal with in advance. If/when it happens to you, you learn how to become a different version of yourself that your child needs. And even knowing this and seeing how well she did raising my sisters I still hope it doesn't happen to me...
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    Congrats Rose! I'm so glad everything looks good. Your perspective is really interesting; if you don't mind me asking what kind of work do you do?

    Since I started this thread I've edited the first post to include a running list of everyone who's joined thus far, their due dates, and the gender if known. If I missed anyone I do apologize; let me know your info and I'll add it.
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    I don't mind at all Blade- I am a speech pathologist, right now I am contracted to work with the local public school system. I also used to teach special education before I went back and got my M.S.
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    @blade: Kind of a separate question but something I've been confronted with a couple of times in the last few days. What do you think about people who feel like ultrasounds are dangerous for the baby? What I mean is, what do you feel about the issue and how would you respond? I've had a few more than usual because of my previous loss and I haven't been able to find any research that backs up the claims it's dangerous at all. Am I wrong again?

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    That's interesting Rose. I feel like in a lot of ways, I am in the same boat. I am a therapist/social worker and have seen almost every cognitive, behavioral, etc. thing that can go wrong. Being that close to it, I think I am more aware of just how hard it is, which has only scared me more! Although, today I am having a good day and not dwelling! Jut enjoying the tiny flutters of Mr. Baby in his watery home and the first day my sinus infection has let up! Thanks for your insight...
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