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    Hey ladies! How are we all feeling?

    I'm doing great, though Dominic is still sitting very low - anyone want to take a guess if he'll move up at all now or if i'm just doomed to carry really low my whole pregnancy? It can be uncomfortable at times and i feel a lot of pressure in my pelvic area if i stand for too long. Pretty minimal complaints really!

    Coming up on 22 weeks now and feeling small movements once or twice a day now - just little bubbles and things, but i love it!
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    I'm feeling pretty good physically. I'll be 13 weeks on Tuesday and I'm starting to feel like I might be coming out of the fog of exhaustion. I had an ultrasound this week, to do the nuchal translucency test and check for nasal bones, which all checked out great. There are still two babies in there, growing right on track (12w0d and 12w1d) with good heartbeats (155/158). I'm starting to get over the shock and terror of twins and beginning to feel excitement that this is really happening. I asked the tech to guess gender if she could, but the babies were not in good positions and it was just too early. So, we should find out at our 18 week ultrasound in about 5 weeks. I CANNOT wait to find out the sexes of the babies. I want to name them, and register for stuff, and try to have everything ready as soon as possible, so that whatever happens I'll feel prepared. Or at least as prepared as one can, for something completely out of my control. I'm a teacher, and Tuesday is my last day and I cannot wait for the year to be over. I declined to sign my contract for next year, the childcare for 4 was just more than I make, so I'll be at home for the next few years. This is bittersweet for me. I love my job. Still, I am grateful that I have the opportunity to stay home with my kiddos, it's just an adjustment I wasn't expecting to have to make.

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    I am definitely starting to feel movement (16 weeks tomorrow). I have felt subtle little flickers for the last two weeks or so, but now it's unmistakeable. Definitely makes the pregnancy seem a lot more real.

    I am also becoming orthostatic, hooray. Trying to drink as much as possible but it's inevitable, I suppose. I remember fainting a few times on early morning rounds around this time with Mr A... at least my schedule is much more humane and we're avoiding that.

    The real, definitive gender scan will be next week, June 25-- very excited to confirm the earlier guesstimate!
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    I am 17 weeks tomorrow, and as much as I've wanted to be pregnant, like, forever, I am definitely struggling to enjoy this experience. I keep waiting for the second trimester "glow" to kick in, but I am still exhausted, spotty and am really struggling with headaches (I've had a migraine solidly for the past two weeks). I'm trying really hard to avoid painkillers, but the headache gets so bad I'm often resorting to paracetamol (I try to suffer through on the weekends and save up my quota of painkillers for the working week). I have tried Thai massage, yoga and homeopathy with limited (and expensive) results.

    Does anyone have any tips for dealing with headaches in pregnancy?
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    I am 17 weeks tomorrow, as well. I'm still feeling very queasy and have actually had to throw up rather violently a number of times in the last two weeks, which seems a bit unfair. Other than that I feel physically fine. We screened positive for Trisomy-13 (1:101) and Trismony-21 (1:43), so after an agonizing week of decision making we opted for an amnio. I had it done last Friday and everything appears to be okay as far as miscarriage goes. We have to wait 2-3 weeks for the results, which is terrible but our jurisidiction refuses to release the preliminary results earlier and insists that waiting for the cultured results is more reliable. My best girldfriend has a Ph.D in medical science with a speciality in pre-natal genetics and advises this is technically true but a but ridiculous.

    I am extremely anxious but glad to be out of what I think is the real danger zone for miscarriage after an amnio (up on 80 hours now). Any one else dealing with this?

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