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    Congrats Anniemarie! I get my gender ultrasound on Tuesday. Up till now I haven't given any thought to whether I am having a girl or a boy, so I guess I will be just as happy either way. I think it would be easier for us to name a girl. Is that a good enough reason to hope for pink?

    I have been feeling much better. I have pretty good energy and I only get nauseous if I haven't eaten anything for a while. I am 15 weeks today and I remember feeling my first flutterings around this time with Henry. We'll see. I didn't feel Mollie till about 23 weeks due to anterior placenta.
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    We've picked a name!!! I thought it was going to take forever as we'd both vetoed every name the other came up with... but then I suggested Dominic and it just FIT. So we've slept on it, tossed it around a bit more, and tonight hubby said he didn't think we need to look anymore.

    So our sons name will be Dominic Jameson Gibbs.

    I'm so happy!
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    I had my gender scan this morning and it was abundantly clear from multiple angles that we are having a boy. It was more disappointing than I thought it would be. I guess I was secretly hoping for a girl, but it was impossible not to fall in love with his wiggly little fingers and sleepy yawn. I love him already and I don't feel like any of the names swimming in my head are suited for such a perfect creature.
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    Congrats Anniemarie & Skarbassoona on your little blue bundles! Is it all boys so far in this group? I've got two girls and *some people* (Grandpa and Daddy and Uncle) would love for at least one of my babies to be a boy, I've been feeling like it's girls though.

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    Congratulations Anniemarie & Skarbassoona on your little boys! I already have 2 girls and I'm hoping this baby is a blue one but we would be equally happy with another girl. We don't have another scan until July 31st, I will be 22 weeks by then, so I'm hoping we will be able to see if it's a pink or blue bundle.

    I got a phone call from my OB today and despite already taking a double dose of iron supplements daily my iron level is only 2 and she said it should be around 15. She wants me to go in and see her tomorrow to talk about it and have follow up blood tests. I'm a little terrified because she mentioned a iron transfusion on the phone and that just freaked me out a little! I actually have no idea what that is but I'm to scared to Google it, I'm not sure why since I'm not normally scared about this kind of thing.
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