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    Bumping this thread just in case someone has something we haven't thought of before. I am hesitant to put our last name, but it will help.. hyphenated LN is Payne-Wardle.

    Names that are currently on our list:
    Margaret Lila (nn Maisie or Daisy)
    Beatrix Lila (nn Trixie)

    Still a maybe:
    Vivian/Vivienne (It may be too similar sounding with Sebastian)
    Penelope (not sure it works with last name, Penelope Payne-Wardle? )

    Names we have considered but crossed off our list:
    Genevieve (DH has a cousin named Geneve, he thought it was too close)
    Daisy (love this but isn't quite right with siblings and middle name)
    Eloise (we have an Elliott, too close)
    Adelaide (doesn't flow well enough with Lila)
    Naomi (we actually love this, but don't like that it's a Biblical name)

    We're looking for something fun and offbeat, but still normal and traditional. I think my boys' names, Sebastian, Oliver, and Elliott are like that, and don't want a girl name that is boring next to her brothers. I think we're preferring three syllables as well.
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