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    MN for Cora

    So, on our quest to find a middle name for Cora, I had a revelation today. Our other top contender for girls is Ivy Louisa. I love the nn Ivy Lou. So today I thought.. Why not Cora Lucy? Then if we ever had two girls, they would be ivy Lou and Cora Lou. If those nicknames fit them, that is but then I looked up names that started with 'luc' and found a ton of very pretty names... Now I'm not sure what I like best! Here's the names considering....

    Cora Lucy
    Cora Lucille
    Cora Lucienne
    Cora Lucianna

    What do you think sound the best? She will also have a Hawaiian middle name, as it is a family tradition, and our last name sounds like Sisloh.

    Thanks!! (Suggestions beyond Lucy names are welcome as well)

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