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    Evelyn - love
    Amelia - really like!
    Holly - cute

    Darcy - like
    Phoebe - like
    Violet - like, prefer Viola
    Matilda - like

    Ella -okay, I prefer it as a nn
    Imogen - okay, unfamiliar in my area but I don't hate it. I don't like any of the nn's
    Maya - it's pretty but I don't like the multiple spelling and pronunciation options
    Florence - okay, I'm not fond of Flo, I do like Flora though

    Madeleine - pretty, but I don't like the many spellings or the popularity
    Sienna - okay, just not really my style
    Aspen - I think it's very interesting, but it's not my cup of tea
    Maeve - it has a nice look, but I don't find the sound pleasant--too mouthy
    Isla - it just doesn't feel complete me and I think it would be mispronounced a good bit (at least in my area)
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    Maya - Gorgeous, ageless. I could easily picture this on a woman of any age.
    Imogen - Just can't get into it.
    Evelyn - It still feels so dated to me, even though I know it's not! I prefer eve-lynn to ev-uh-lynn.
    Florence - Ugh, no. It feels so fusty to me. And the nickname Flo? No thanks!
    Amelia - One of my favorites but I'll never use it because of the ending being similar to Julia.
    Ella - I don't care for it but it ages nicely.
    Matilda - Lovely. I'm surprised this name isn't more common.
    Phoebe - There's nothing wrong with the name but I just can't get into it.
    Holly - It feels dated.
    Darcy - I like it but it feels more dated than Holly (here at least)
    Madeleine - I prefer Madeline (pronounced -line, not -lyn) but this is pretty as well!
    Sienna - It feels trendy to me.
    Aspen - I don't like the -spen part of the name.
    Maeve - Not my favorite Irish name.
    Isla - Stunning. I'm surprised it isn't more popular here.
    Violet - I don't care for it but it's not bad.
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    Maya- I prefer Amaya.
    Imogen- love it.
    Evelyn - lovely, but seeing it everywhere these days.
    Florence- love this one. pretty and classic.
    Amelia- nice, but not my favorite.
    Ella- a little too common for me.
    Matilda- not crazy about the meaning.
    Phoebe- LOVE.
    Holly- Love Holly and the Audrey Hepburn "Holly Golightly" reference.
    Darcy- I grew up with a Darci who was lovely, but it also reminds me of Mr.Darcy. so, meh.
    Madeleine- getting too popular for my taste
    Sienna- Love this
    Aspen- meh.
    Maeve- not a fan.
    Isla- my favorite! Love it.
    Violet - I'm conflicted on this one. Most nameberries love it, but every time I say it I have to remind myself not to say "violent"

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    Thank you everyone!

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