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    I adore: Phoebe, Florence, Maeve, Matilda, Violet, Darcy, Maya & Evelyn

    I like: Imogen, Madeleine & Holly

    I find Amelia & Ella pretty but a little boring and predictable, maybe just because I know lots of babies and small children with these names. Sienna is pretty too but for some reason has a trendy feel to me, same goes for Isla although I don't really like the name anyway and it feels like a name that will date very easily in future since it has risen to the limelight because of a celebrity. Aspen just sounds harsh to me and I cant get passed the first syllable.

    You have a really wonderful list though Especially Phoebe, Florence & Maeve! Wonderful.

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    Maya - I like this one, it's familiar without being overly common. It has a beautiful sound.
    Imogen - I don't really care too much for the way this one sounds.
    Evelyn - Pretty, it has a lot of nn potential particular love the nn Evie for Evelyn
    Florence - Cute, I like that it's vintage and is feminine.
    Amelia - Beautiful, I know it's getting more popular but it's a beautiful name
    Ella - I know this name is overly used but I love it as a nn for Eleanor! I have liked the name since reading Ella Enchanted when I was 10.
    Matilda - Love it! It's sassy and feminine! Plus you have great nn potential with Tilly, Tilda, Mattie, etc
    Phoebe - I want to like this name, but I always just picture Phoebe from Friends when I hear it.
    Holly - Cute
    Darcy - I like this one.
    Madeleine - Okay
    Sienna - This isn't really my style, but it's okay.
    Aspen - NMS
    Maeve - Gorgeous, I love this name!
    Isla - Pretty, but seems really popular right now but maybe that's just on Nameberry, I've never actually met a little girl with this name
    Violet - One of my favorites!

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    Maya - Quite trendy where I am, and I think 'mayo' when I see it written down, but that's just me being weird.
    Imogen - Depends on pronunciation for me. Also, if I recall correctly, Imogen suffers a lot in Cymbeline, so as much as I like Shakespearean names generally I would probably not use this one.
    Evelyn - Not my style, I like Evie though.
    Florence - love this one, it's one of my top contenders.
    Amelia - I like this.
    Ella - Ella is great, but very very popular. I would maybe be more inclined to use something like Eleanor and have Ella as a nickname.
    Matilda - thumbs up on this too.
    Phoebe - beautiful name
    Holly - I'm neutral on this. It's a nice name, I just don't feel like it really wows me. I think of Holly Short from Artemis Fowl, who's a pretty cool character, though.
    Darcy - not my style
    Madeleine - I like this.
    Sienna - not my style, very trendy where I am. I prefer the spelling Siena, though.
    Aspen - Probably wouldn't use this. Feels a bit trendy.
    Maeve - I want to like this, as I like its associations, but I just don't really like the way it looks or sounds.
    Isla - Neutral. It's a nice name, but very trendy. I prefer Eila, which sounds the same but imo has a nicer meaning.
    Violet - I like this.

    My favourites are Florence and Phoebe.

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    Thank you everyone. The popularity isn't an issue as I won't be having kids for another 15 years.

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    Cute, but nms.

    I don't really like this. It sounds like engine.

    Cute, but getting popular and I still see it as an old lady's name. I kind of put it in the same category as Joyce.


    I love Amelia, unfortunately it's become too popular for my taste.

    Don't like it, way too common.

    Sounds frumpy.

    Cute but nms.

    Too 1975.

    I think this is a solid choice for a girl's name. Everyone is familiar with the name, but it's really not that common.

    Nope, too common.

    Stripper name, imo.

    I like this name, but have never considered it because of the first syllable...

    I honestly still don't know how to pronounce this name. :\


    Love. Want to use it myself but afraid it is top 10 material.

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