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    I am so sorry for your loss. This is a lovely way to pay tribute to your brother.

    I generally like Mary more than Mae for given names, but in combination with Ryan, Mae sounds really cute.

    I don't know what style of name you're into, except short and sorta informal?

    Mamie Ryan
    Maren Ryan
    Molly Ryan
    Minnie Ryan
    Mia Ryan
    Ada/Ava Ryan
    Stella Ryan
    Ruby Ryan (if you're into alliteration)
    Faye Ryan
    Susie Ryan
    Myrna Ryan
    Mabel Ryan
    Maeve Ryan
    Daisy Ryan
    Luna Ryan
    Fiona Ryan
    Phoebe Ryan
    Quinn Ryan
    Willa Ryan
    Elsa/Elsie Ryan
    Etta Ryan
    Eve Ryan
    Olive Ryan
    Lula Ryan
    Vera Ryan
    Joan Ryan
    Clover Ryan
    Juno Ryan
    Lois Ryan
    Sylvie Ryan
    Mona Ryan
    Gwen Ryan
    Zelda Ryan

    Sorry if these are totally missing the mark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarletrune View Post
    Well, I will disagree that Ryan on girls is becoming MORE "unisex". It's actually gone down on the SSA chart from 574 in 2011 to 607 in 2012 (it actually peaked in the mid-80's). 466 births in 2012 compared to 703 in 1987.

    That said, Ryan in the middle doesn't bother me as much as if you were going to use it as a first name, just keep in mind that it means "little king". What about Rhiannon "great queen" or Rhianna? Both are very similar but more feminine.

    Mae Rhiannon sounds great but Mae Ryan kind of sounds like a first name/last name to me, which isn't terrible but it could be better. I'm not fond of Zella with an older brother named Archer.
    Why do you no like Zella and Archer together?

    Thank you, Gretel, thats exactly what I was looking for!

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    The first name that came to mind was Marnie Ryan. I like Mae but it sounds to much like Meg Ryan for me. I also like the suggestion of Sylvie. I think Archer and Sylvie would be a great sib set.
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    I dislike boys name on girls and girls on boys. - I do agree it aint that bad as its a middle name but to me it still screams BOY.

    I like the Idea of Rhianna or Rhiannon. Eventhough I like the Mae Rhiannon or Mary Rhiannon or Mae Rhianna or Mary Rhianna. I personally think these would sound better with Rhiannon & Rhianna as first names and Mae or Mary as middle names.

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    I love the Maryanne and Rhiannon suggestions. Although I do like the name Ryan, I don't love it paired with Mary. I'm sorry for you loss.
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