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    Pleased to announce....

    Pleased to announce my positive pregnancy test!

    The names are all ready to go.:
    Rafe Charleston Henry
    Willa Penelope Grace

    Here's a little background.. I have 3 small kids and have had 3 miscarriages. I suffer with hyperemesis gravidarium (HG) which is not morning sickness, but more like relentless violent food poisoning that doesnt let up for Months. I also suffer from a condition known as POTS, which basically is my bodys inability to cope with gravity. I can't stand up at all.
    I dealt with that with all 6 pregnancies, absolutely awful. I feel great in between pregnancies! Lol
    My last pregnancy was brutal. God used that to break my morality, and I finally saw my wicked heart. That's when I gave myself to Jesus Christ. He IS my purpose and joy now. Message me if youd like to know more
    We are thrilled to be pregnant again. Nervous, but thrilled. We Love love being parents. New life is always a miracle. I am praying that if its Gods will, that He will heal me and let me experience a normal healthy pregnancy. I would love it if you would pray for me too. .
    Rafe was chosen for my dad Ray. It also comes from Jehovah Rapha, God is my Healer. Im praying God will heal me. If not, that He will heal my heart during the sickness.
    Charleston Henry: Charleston is where my husband was born, one of our favorite places. Henry is family name.

    Willa: means Resolute Protection. Praying God will resolutely protect me and my little one!
    Penelope: means Faithful or spider weaver. God is faithful! And He is weaving a masterpiece in my life and in this little ones life.
    Grace: God has lavished His grace upon me. Grace upon grace upon grace. so excited for whatever is in store for our family, and I appreciate the prayers. Especially for Rafe Charlie/Willa Penelope
    Mom to Tess, Kaia, Jasper and dogs Brody, Max and Felix

    *Penelope Sadie Kite* Piper Olive Cordelia* Phoebe Clementine Hope* Hattie Vivian Jewel* Willa Florence Eve*

    *Finn Wesley Joseph* Ezra Calvin David* Judah Theodore Henry* Leo Abram James*

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