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    Darby: Girl or Boy?


    If you could all vote before reading the rest of this that would be fab (really want your gut reaction on boy or girl!)

    We are pretty sure number 3 will be named Darby Alexander Ashdown (joining Vale Benjamin and Flynn Elliot). Was just concerned about gender confusion as this was commented on a lot in my previous posts about Darby. I personally like gender neutral names for boys but don't really want the majority of people to assume he's a girl on reading his name!

    On a completely different note what to you think of the name Darby and the combination with middle Alexander and surname Ashdown.

    Thanks, Jessie x
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    I don't associate Darby with either gender but think it works better for a boy. It has a sporty-cool feel to me. Darby Alexander is very handsome. I love Darby with Vale and Flynn.

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    I voted slightly more girl than boy but I still think Darby can be used for a boy and Darby Alexander sounds like a good combination. Looking at the popularity stats Darby is more popular for girls than boys right now but at around the 500's it's not likely that a male Darby would meet many female Darby's and most people won't know any either. Also Behindthename has a ratings based on how people see the name and 49% see it as masculine and 51% feminine so it's a pretty even mix. By comparison Darcy is 40% male and 60% female.

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    Maybe I am biased because I know a Darby - I do love the name but see it as clearly female. I think it would work for a boy but even with the D, that B makes it sound softer to me.

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    The only Darby I know is a woman, so it is very feminine to me. Could you go with something like Brady Alexander?

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