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    Quote Originally Posted by katieramsey16 View Post
    It has been awhile since I have posted for opinions on girls names. We had narrowed down our girl favorites to Eleanor Mae, Louisa Mae or Miriam Blythe, as they have family connection like our first Annabelle Rose. I have loved the name Charlotte for quite sometime as it is a feminine version of Charles (my dad who is in poor health), but I don't love the exploding popularity of the name. So I had thrown it out as a first name.

    I just recently thought of the combo Louisa Charlotte. What are your thoughts on the combination?

    Absolutely adore your naming style! So gorgeous! I love Eleanor Mae, Louisa Mae, and Miriam Blythe their stunning choices that sound beautiful with Annabelle Rose. I actually prefer the name Louisa Charlotte too Louisa Mae, I think Charlotte is a gorgeous choice but she's always going to be popular and I think Charlotte feels really refreshing in the middle name slot. Louisa is a very elegant, pretty, and wholesome choice that sounds brilliant with Charlotte. I think the name sounds very wholesome and pretty. I love this combination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joyfulmomto8 View Post
    Love it!!! Elegant, timeless, classic, beautiful!!!
    I agree!

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    I love all three of our first name options. Unfortunately, I don't think Charlotte works too well as a mn with any of them. I do like Louisa Charlene though as a way to honor your father. Eleanor Charlene also works well and I like Miriam Charla.
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    I think Louisa Charlotte is a beautiful name!

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    Eleanor Mae and Louisa Mae had been a tie for me, but I think Louisa Charlotte has moved to number 1, if this baby that will be showing up in a couple months is a girl. As always, thank you for all the help and support!
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