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    Congrats on your little ones!!! Makai and Lia sound great together. What a fantastic surprise to get a little girl when you thought you were having 2 boys! I love that. You don't get those type of surprises very often. Big, big congrats on both your little babies. Great names, too.
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    Thank you

    Thankyou all so much for your kind comments.

    As you can imagine we hadn't even thought of a girls name considering we thought we had two boys. Most amazing surprise.

    Lia popped into my head the minute my hubby announced she was a girl. He loved it. Catherine is for her paternal grandmother, thought it was fair as Robert was maternal grand father.

    I'm glad people are saying Lia goes with Makai because honestly I hadn't given it much thought when naming her . It just suited her instantly. They are night and day really. He's dark where she is fair just like her older sister.

    Both are doing fantastically. But the double feeds are wearing me out already.

    Thank you all so much for your help

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    i have g/g twins named lennox and rowan. i think lennox is a lovely name for our little girl...tho lia is gorgeous and i love makai as well! i am currently pregnant and it's going on my boy list!
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